Journal of Biomedical Optics
VOL. 21 · NO. 4 | April 2016
JBO Letters
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 040501 (12 April 2016)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Blood, Blood circulation, Plasma, Backscatter, In vitro testing, Glasses, Spatial resolution, Microscopy, Visualization
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 040502 (12 April 2016)
TOPICS: Fetus, Blood, Oximetry, Tissues, Oxygen, Sensors, Near infrared spectroscopy, Head, Statistical analysis, Light emitting diodes
Research Papers: General
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 045001 (1 April 2016)
TOPICS: Optical coherence tomography, Scattering, Geometrical optics, Refractive index, Gaussian beams, Ray tracing, Biological research, Optical simulations, Light scattering, Laser scattering
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 045002 (18 April 2016)
TOPICS: Phase conjugation, Holograms, Two photon imaging, Calibration, Endoscopes, Diffraction, Spatial light modulators, Luminescence, Ultrafast phenomena, Wavefronts
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 045003 (29 April 2016)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Surface plasmons, In vivo imaging, Green fluorescent protein, Multispectral imaging, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Skin, Image segmentation, Optical fibers, Optical diagnostics
Research Papers: Imaging
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046001 (1 April 2016)
TOPICS: Glasses, Composites, Optical coherence tomography, Composite resins, Coherence (optics), Elastography, Polymerization, Point spread functions, Dentistry, Lamps
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046002 (5 April 2016)
TOPICS: Skin, Optical coherence tomography, In vivo imaging, Wave propagation, Tissues, In vitro testing, Tissue optics, Elastography, Coherence (optics), Collagen
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046003 (12 April 2016)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Control systems, Principal component analysis, Visualization, Diagnostics, Veins, Imaging systems, Feature extraction, Data conversion, Arteries
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046004 (12 April 2016)
TOPICS: Microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Capillaries, Optical coherence tomography, In vivo imaging, Video, Microscopes, Video microscopy, Visualization, Spatial resolution
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046005 (18 April 2016)
TOPICS: Fluorescence lifetime imaging, Luminescence, Microscopy, Mode conditioning cables, Indium oxide, Laser phosphor displays, Visualization, Tissues, Biological research, Statistical analysis
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046006 (18 April 2016)
TOPICS: Acquisition tracking and pointing, Ovary, In vivo imaging, Ovarian cancer, Photoacoustic spectroscopy, Ultrasonography, Tissues, Spatial filters, Feature extraction, Imaging systems
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046007 (19 April 2016)
TOPICS: Fluorescence tomography, Data modeling, Tissues, Signal to noise ratio, Instrument modeling, Performance modeling, In vivo imaging, Digital filtering, Image filtering, Electronic filtering
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046008 (25 April 2016)
TOPICS: Receptors, Neurons, Imaging systems, Hyperspectral imaging, Cameras, Proteins, Luminescence, Microscopes, Quantum dots, Optical filters
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046009 (27 April 2016)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Lung, Tissues, Cameras, Bacteria, Video, Imaging systems, Light emitting diodes, Optical filters, Multiplexing
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 046010 (28 April 2016)
TOPICS: 3D modeling, Point spread functions, 3D image processing, Luminescence, Lung, Tissues, Principal component analysis, Microscopy, Computer simulations, Algorithm development
Research Papers: Sensing
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 047001 (18 April 2016)
TOPICS: Tissues, Tissue optics, Photoacoustic spectroscopy, Absorption, Scattering, Brain, Spatial resolution, Rhodamine B, Laser tissue interaction, Luminescence
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 047002 (26 April 2016)
TOPICS: Skin, Fluorine, Personal protective equipment, Statistical analysis, Absorption, Spectroscopy, Magnesium, Cancer, Colorectal cancer, Oncology
Research Papers: Therapeutic
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 048001 (18 April 2016)
TOPICS: Er:YAG lasers, Composite resins, Adhesives, Scanning electron microscopy, Teeth, Statistical analysis, Surface finishing, Collagen, Surface plasmons, Pulsed laser operation
J. Biomed. Opt. 21(4), 049801 (15 April 2016)
TOPICS: Liver, FT-IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Tissues, Biomedical optics, Tissue optics, Biochemistry, Medicine, Physics, Electronics engineering
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