Journal of Biomedical Optics

Editor-in-Chief: Brian W. Pogue, Dartmouth College

The Journal of Biomedical Optics (JBO) publishes peer-reviewed papers on the use of novel optical systems and techniques for improved health care and biomedical research.

Announcement: JBO is now a fully open access journal. Papers are published under a Creative Commons license. Authors of accepted papers are required to pay an article processing charge of $1675. Discounts may apply. Click here for more details. 

Journal of Biomedical Optics

Spatial resolution in dynamic optical coherence elastography

M. A. Kirby et al.

Review of the state of the art in cardiovascular endoscopy imaging of atherosclerosis using photoacoustic techniques with pulsed and continuous-wave optical excitations

S. S. Choi and A. Mandelis

Structured light imaging for breast-conserving surgery, part II: texture analysis and classification

S. S. Streeter et al.

September 2019

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From the Journal of Biomedical Optics

Measurement of the refractive index of whole blood and its components for a continuous spectral region

Shike Liu et al. (2019) Open Access

Optical properties of human skin

Tom Lister, Philip A. Wright, Paul H. Chappell (2012) Open Access

Optical coherence tomography today: speed, contrast, and multimodality

Wolfgang Drexler, Mengyang Liu, Abhishek Kumar, Tschackad Kamali, Angelika Unterhuber, Rainer A. Leitgeb (2014) Open Access

Review of fiber-optic pressure sensors for biomedical and biomechanical applications

Paulo Roriz, Orlando Frazão, Antonio B. Lobo-Ribeiro, José L. Santos, Jose A. Simoes (2013) Open Access

Fabricating optical lenses by inkjet printing and heat-assisted in situ curing of polydimethylsiloxane for smartphone microscopy

Yu-Lung Sung, Jenn Jeang, Chia-Hsiung Lee, Wei-Chuan Shih (2015) Open Access

Diffuse optical imaging using spatially and temporally modulated light

Thomas D. O'Sullivan, Albert E. Cerussi, Bruce J. Tromberg, David J. Cuccia (2012) Open Access

Tutorial on photoacoustic tomography

Yong Zhou, Junjie Yao, Lihong V. Wang (2016) Open Access

Near-infrared fluorescence goggle system with complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor imaging sensor and see-through display

Yang Liu et al. (2013) Open Access

Microfluidic sensing: state of the art fabrication and detection techniques

Jing Wu, Min Gu (2011) Open Access

Review of spectral imaging technology in biomedical engineering: achievements and challenges

Qingli Li, Xiaofu He, Yiting Wang, Hongying Liu, Dongrong Xu, Fangmin Guo (2013) Open Access

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