journal of electronic imaging
VOL. 15 · NO. 1 | January 2006

JEI Letters
Vasileios Argyriou, Theodore Vlachos
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 010501 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Motion estimation, Fourier transforms, Signal processing, Image segmentation, Video compression, Image quality standards, Electronics, Physical sciences, Video processing, Semantic video
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 010502 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Error analysis, Monte Carlo methods, Statistical analysis, Image quality, Statistical methods, Analytical research, Color imaging, Colorimetry, Sensors, Image sensors
Regular Articles
Kohji Mitani, Masayuki Sugawara, Fumio Okano
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013001 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Charge-coupled devices, Image sensors, Sensors, Light sources, Prisms, Cameras, Light emitting diodes, CCD image sensors, Optical amplifiers, Interference (communication)
Kenichiro Masaoka, Atsuo Hanazato, Masaki Emoto, Hirokazu Yamanoue, Yuji Nojiri, Fumio Okano
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013002 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Cameras, Distortion, Imaging systems, Stereoscopic cameras, 3D image processing, Head, 3D displays, Lenses, Visualization, Stereoscopic displays
Lanlan Chang, Yap-Peng Tan
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013003 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Optical filters, Color difference, Digital filtering, Image processing, Visualization, Image filtering, Image enhancement, Sensors, Statistical analysis, Pattern recognition
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013004 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Printing, Visualization, RGB color model, Optical spheres, Distance measurement, Inkjet technology, Photography, Algorithm development, Solids, Color reproduction
Binghua Chai, Dazun Zhao, Ningfang Liao, Yubo Shao
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013005 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: CRTs, Visualization, RGB color model, Neural networks, Visual process modeling, Color difference, Reliability, Artificial neural networks, Eye, Data modeling
Mandar Deolalikar, Nicolaos Karayiannis
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013006 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Computer programming, Image compression, Image transmission, Wavelets, Quantization, Image quality, Image filtering, Image quality standards, Lithium, Image resolution
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013007 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Fuzzy logic, Video, Digital filtering, Motion models, Motion estimation, Image filtering, Linear filtering, Visualization, Algorithm development, Computer programming
V. Sanchez, Mrinal Mandal, Anup Basu
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013008 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: JPEG2000, Image quality, Distortion, Error control coding, Visualization, Image compression, Computer programming, Image processing, Signal to noise ratio, Image resolution
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013009 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Quantization, Image compression, Image quality, Transparency, Modulation, Spatial frequencies, Matrices, Visual process modeling, Visualization
Guofu Gui, Lingge Jiang, Chen He
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013010 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Targeting Task Performance metric, Image processing, Binary data, Feature extraction, Digital filtering, Image compression, Image filtering, Electronics engineering, Intellectual property
Abdessamad Ben Hamza
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013011 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Probability theory, Edge detection, Sensors, Image processing, Signal processing, Image registration, Image information entropy, Visual process modeling, Data modeling, Machine vision
Minghong Pi, Chong Tong, Anup Basu
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013012 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Fractal analysis, Image retrieval, Image compression, Wavelets, Quantization, Digital imaging, Databases, Feature extraction, Distance measurement, Computer programming
Jianmin Jiang, Ying Weng
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013013 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Image retrieval, Wavelets, Feature extraction, Image compression, Databases, Algorithm development, Wavelet transforms, Image classification, Statistical analysis, Content based image retrieval
Wei-Wei Yu, Xiao-Long Teng, Chong-Qing Liu
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013014 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Facial recognition systems, Feature extraction, Principal component analysis, Databases, Autoregressive models, Image fusion, Wavelet transforms, Wavelets, Image processing, Pattern recognition
Tze-Yin Chow, Kin-Man Lam, Kwok-Wai Wong
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013015 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Light sources and illumination, Facial recognition systems, Eye, Skin, Detection and tracking algorithms, Databases, RGB color model, Image processing algorithms and systems, Chromium
Alexey Podlasov, Eugene Ageenko, Pasi Franti
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013016 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Reconstruction algorithms, Image compression, Image processing, Binary data, Raster graphics, Visualization, Image quality, Mathematical morphology, Image filtering, Distance measurement
Yaxiong Huang, Bugao Xu
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013017 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Inspection, Image processing, Cameras, Light sources and illumination, Line scan image sensors, Frame grabbers, Imaging systems, Image quality, Image acquisition, Charge-coupled devices
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013018 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Manufacturing, Feature extraction, Machine vision, Feature selection, Inspection, Image segmentation, Scene classification, Neural networks, Image processing, Classification systems
Túlio André, Rangaraj Rangayyan
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013019 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Image classification, Mammography, Breast, Neurons, Tumors, Breast cancer, Feature extraction, Neural networks, Shape analysis, Cancer
Axel Wismüller, Anke Meyer-Bäse, Oliver Lange, Thomas Schlossbauer, Maria Kallergi, Maximilian Reiser, Gerda Leinsinger
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013020 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Breast, Magnetism, Image classification, Neural networks, Annealing, Quantization, Image visualization, Tissues
Xiaoli Li, Srithar Krishnan, Ngok-Wah Ma
J. Electron. Imag. 15(1), 013021 (1 January 2006)
TOPICS: Mammography, Transform theory, Computer programming, Image compression, Associative arrays, Signal to noise ratio, Data compression, Medical imaging, Image processing, Databases
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