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1 July 2007 Study of automatic optical inspection for golf logo quality
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Currently, inspection of the quality of a golf logo requires much time and manpower. There is a demanding need to reduce the escape rate. We present a preliminary but innovative study on development of an automatic optical inspection (AOI) system for golf logo quality. This study includes the development of algorithms for logo matching, logo degradation measure, and logo alignment. Logo contour features and spatial layout are implemented in the developed matching algorithm. The feasibility of the algorithm is assured regardless of the large variation in logo orientation. The proposed degradation measure is based on local window masking and coding. It is capable of detecting logo contours with small extrusion or intrusion defects. A positioning mechanism is specifically designated for automatic logo alignment. Good logo alignment is achieved through a proposed sequential control of ball orientation to enhance the discriminating power of the proposed degradation measure. Experiments conducted support the applicability of this study. A given example shows that the escape rate vanishes, but the false-alarm rate is 1.23%. A good balance between the escape rate and the false-alarm rate is achieved based on experiences or more experiments. For practical implementation, parallel computing is suggested to reduce the overall processing time.
©(2007) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Kun Chin Lin "Study of automatic optical inspection for golf logo quality," Journal of Electronic Imaging 16(3), 033016 (1 July 2007).
Published: 1 July 2007


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