journal of electronic imaging
VOL. 20 · NO. 2 | April 2011

Regular Articles
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023001 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3574097
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Spatial coherence, Image processing, Image processing algorithms and systems, Composites, Visualization, Chemical elements, Skin, Optimization (mathematics), Image enhancement
Yuanzhi Cheng, Jing Bai, Quan Jin, Jie Zhao, Changyong Guo
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023002 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3555833
TOPICS: Image registration, Cartilage, Magnetic resonance imaging, 3D image processing, Magnetism, Optimization (mathematics), Clouds, Genetics, Algorithm development, Image resolution
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023003 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3574104
TOPICS: RGB color model, Image compression, Multispectral imaging, JPEG2000, Distortion, Image quality standards, Computer programming, Standards development, Image processing, Cameras
Meng Li, Chuanjiang He, Yi Zhan
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023004 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3574770
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Infrared imaging, 3D modeling, Diffusion, Lithium, Data modeling, Convolution, 3D image processing, Infrared radiation, Image processing
Wei Wu, Zheng Liu, Wail Gueaieb, Xiaohai He
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023005 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3580750
TOPICS: Super resolution, Lawrencium, Image quality, Image processing, Magnetorheological finishing, Databases, Computer vision technology, Wavelets, Image resolution, Machine vision
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023006 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3574403
TOPICS: Calibration, Zoom lenses, Cameras, Sensors, Distortion, Error analysis, Imaging systems, Head, Autoregressive models, Optical flow
Shih-Chang Hsia, Po-Shien Tsai
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023007 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3580749
TOPICS: Cameras, Digital signal processing, Image processing, Video, Imaging systems, Binary data, Digital cameras, Image enhancement, Digital imaging, Algorithm development
Chen Yao, Xiaokang Yang, Li Chen, Yi Xu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023008 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3582139
TOPICS: Image processing, Expectation maximization algorithms, Image segmentation, Optimization (mathematics), Image quality, Video, Data processing, Detection and tracking algorithms, Visualization, Pattern recognition
Hyun Mook Oh, Joonyoung Chang, Bong Hyup Kang, Moon Gi Kang
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023009 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3582130
TOPICS: Chromium, Lamps, Cameras, Light sources, Sensors, Target detection, Motion detection, Image quality, Digital imaging, Motion estimation
Jantana Panyavaraporn, Supavadee Aramvith
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023010 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3589307
TOPICS: Error analysis, Computer programming, Video, Distortion, Distributed interactive simulations, Computer simulations, Video coding, Associative arrays, Wireless communications, Video compression
Kuo-Liang Chung, Wei-Jen Yang, Chyou-Hwa Chen, Hong-Yuan Liao, Sheng-Mao Zeng
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023011 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3586799
TOPICS: Video, Video compression, Video processing, RGB color model, Bismuth, Cameras, Line scan image sensors, Image compression, Distortion, Visualization
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023012 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3589306
TOPICS: Image processing, Convolution, Fourier transforms, Image filtering, Signal processing, Imaging arrays, Algorithm development, Optical filters, Wavelets, Finite impulse response filters
Shuangteng Zhang, Yihong Lu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023013 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3592523
TOPICS: Reconstruction algorithms, Super resolution, Image restoration, Neural networks, Image enhancement, Image resolution, Resolution enhancement technologies, Image quality, Neurons, Image acquisition
Raghudeep Kannavara, Sukarno Mertoguno, Nikolaos Bourbakis
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023014 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3582930
TOPICS: Biometrics, Iris, Field programmable gate arrays, Iris recognition, Image segmentation, Databases, Clocks, Feature extraction, Computer architecture, Logic
Mohammad Javad Fadaeieslam, Mohsen Soryani, Mahmood Fathy
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023015 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3591366
TOPICS: Video, Cameras, Panoramic photography, Filtering (signal processing), Feature selection, Motion models, Image processing, Algorithm development, Image registration, Electronic filtering
Lei Zhang, Xiaolin Wu, Antoni Buades, Xin Li
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023016 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3600632
TOPICS: Code division multiplexing, Color difference, Statistical analysis, Error analysis, Visualization, Digital filtering, Colorimetry, Color reproduction, Optical filters, Algorithm development
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023017 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3596620
TOPICS: Intelligence systems, Linear filtering, Independent component analysis, Reconstruction algorithms, Signal processing, Detection and tracking algorithms, Principal component analysis, Wavelets, Vector spaces, Computer simulations
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 023018 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3599877
TOPICS: Feature extraction, Image analysis, Digital filtering, Visualization, Image filtering, Linear filtering, Image segmentation, Shape analysis, Motion models, Optical flow
Book Review
J. Electron. Imag. 20(2), 029901 (1 April 2011) doi:10.1117/1.3590735
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