journal of electronic imaging
VOL. 20 · NO. 4 | October 2011

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Regular Articles
Li-Li Wang, Wan-Chi Siu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043001 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Image quality standards, Video coding, Computer programming, Video, Quantization, Image compression, Video compression, Standards development, Distortion, Video processing
Leandro Silva, Emilio del-Moral-Hernandez, Ramon Moreno, Sérgio Furuie
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043002 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Wavelets, Wavelet transforms, Image processing, Databases, Feature extraction, Image classification, Medical imaging, Neurons, Prototyping, Image retrieval
Jiunn-Tsair Fang, Cheng-Shong Wu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043003 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Error control coding, Signal to noise ratio, Signal processing, Image processing, Image transmission, Image quality, Computer simulations, Forward error correction, Image compression, Computer programming
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043004 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Fourier transforms, Volume rendering, Lung, 3D modeling, Capillaries, Bone, Data modeling, Control systems, Tissues, Visualization
Alexandre Zaghetto, Ricardo de Queiroz
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043005 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Computer programming, Image compression, Binary data, Image processing, Gaussian filters, Raster graphics, Visualization, Distortion, Image filtering
Francesco Bianconi, Richard Harvey, Paul Southam, Antonio Fernandez
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043006 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Image classification, RGB color model, Feature extraction, Taxonomy, Wavelets, Colorimetry, Matrices, Binary data, Image segmentation, Optical filters
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043007 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: JPEG2000, Image quality, Image compression, Feature extraction, Databases, Neural networks, Distortion, Image processing, Neurons, Video
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043008 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Headlamps, Detection and tracking algorithms, Roads, Cameras, Lithium, Video, Calibration, Reflection, Lamps, Control systems
Pojala Chiranjeevi, Somnath Sengupta
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043009 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Video, Distance measurement, Video surveillance, Mahalanobis distance, Feature extraction, Copper, Curium, Video coding, Motion models, Statistical modeling
Yuan Zhang, Yong Ding
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043010 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Distortion, RGB color model, Linear filtering, Digital filtering, Performance modeling, Image processing, Image quality, Gaussian filters, Image filtering
Hazem Al-Otum
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 043011 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Phase modulation, Discrete wavelet transforms, RGB color model, Image compression, Colorimetry, Image quality, Image processing, Signal processing, Quantization
Book Review
Hayder Radha
J. Electron. Imag. 20(4), 049901 (1 October 2011)
TOPICS: High dynamic range imaging, Computational imaging, Cameras, Digital photography, Image compression, Digital imaging, Machine learning, Denoising, Super resolution, Digital cameras
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