journal of electronic imaging
VOL. 20 · NO. 1 | January 2011

JEI Letters
Huo-Chong Ling, Raphael Phan, Swee-Huay Heng
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 010501 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Image processing, Matrices, Image encryption, Signal processing, Information security, Multimedia, Cryptography, Electronics engineering, Electrical engineering
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 010502 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Image processing algorithms and systems, 3D image processing, Visualization, Error analysis, Information technology, Image processing, Chromium
Regular Articles
Dong-Gyu Yeo, Hae-Yeoun Lee, Byeong Man Kim
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013001 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Visualization, Image processing, Darmstadtium, Distortion, Image compression, Image quality, Hassium, Transparency, Medical imaging
Hui-Liang Shen, Yue Cheng
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013002 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Light sources, Mirrors, Calibration, Cameras, Optical spheres, 3D modeling, Imaging systems, Light, Picosecond phenomena, Machine vision
Shiueng-Bien Yang, Yung-Gi Wu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013003 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Genetic algorithms, Distributed interactive simulations, Data processing, Roads, Binary data, Data mining, Genetics, Spherical lenses, Data communications, Information science
Fethullah Karabiber, Giuseppe Grassi, Pietro Vecchio, Sabri Arik, M. Erhan Yalcin
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013004 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Edge detection, Detection and tracking algorithms, Digital signal processing, Video, Algorithm development, Image processing algorithms and systems, Motion detection, Neural networks, Logic
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013005 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Sensors, Imaging systems, Cameras, CMOS sensors, Temperature metrology, Photodiodes, Silicon, Camera shutters, Charge-coupled devices, Image sensors
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013006 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Bidirectional reflectance transmission function, Light sources, Cameras, Sensors, Reflection, Specular reflections, Light sources and illumination, Photography, Optimization (mathematics), Reflectivity
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013007 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Camera shutters, Digital cameras, Cameras, Digital imaging, Light sources and illumination, Digital image processing, Image processing, 3D image processing, Image resolution, Electrical engineering
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013008 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Distortion, Halftones, Imaging systems, Printing, Color printing, Image processing, Light emitting diodes, Optical components, Error analysis, Clocks
Wei Wang, Ronald Chung
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013009 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Image processing, Image processing algorithms and systems, Machine vision, Computer vision technology, Algorithm development, Tellurium, Signal to noise ratio, Quantization, Distance measurement
Marie Vans, Sagi Schein, Carl Staelin, Pavel Kisilev, Steven Simske, Ram Dagan, Shlomo Harush
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013010 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Defect detection, Inspection, Image segmentation, Detection and tracking algorithms, Image processing, Optical inspection, Binary data, Scanners, Printing, Image registration
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013011 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Databases, Visualization, Detection and tracking algorithms, Image processing, Visual process modeling, Image segmentation, Computer vision technology, Distance measurement, Machine vision, Feature selection
Naima Kaabouch, Yi Chen, Wen-Chen Hu, Julie Anderson, Forrest Ames, Rolf Paulson
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013012 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Feature extraction, Statistical analysis, Genetic algorithms, Thermography, Inflammation, Image segmentation, Image enhancement, Skin, Algorithm development, Temperature metrology
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013013 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Iris, Neural networks, Databases, Image resolution, Image segmentation, Iris recognition, Artificial neural networks, System identification, Error analysis, Receivers
Ying Zhang, Wan-Chi Siu, Tingzhi Shen
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013014 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Motion estimation, Distortion, Statistical analysis, Video, Image quality, Computer programming, Signal processing, Motion analysis, Electronics engineering, Signal to noise ratio
Ryan Rakvic, Robert Ives, Javier Lira, Carlos Molina
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013015 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Field programmable gate arrays, Iris, Iris recognition, Databases, Clocks, Image processing, Signal processing, Personal protective equipment, C++, Computing systems
Hossein Amirkhani, Mohammad Rahmati
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013016 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Steganalysis, Image processing, Steganography, Autoregressive models, Feature extraction, Imaging systems, Databases, Image quality, Fuzzy logic, Image analysis
Li Chen, Yu He, Kim-Hui Yap
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013017 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Deconvolution, Image restoration, Point spread functions, RGB color model, Chromium, Convolution, Fuzzy logic, Cameras, Stochastic processes, Image analysis
Yan Zhou, Chun Chen, Qiang Wang, Jiajun Bu, Hua Zhou
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013018 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Diffusion, Halftones, Modulation, Quantization, Visualization, Image processing, Image quality, Algorithm development, Anisotropy, Printing
Zhengjun Liu, Hang Chen, Ting Liu, Pengfei Li, Lie Xu, Jingmin Dai, Shutian Liu
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013020 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Image encryption, Gyrators, Computer security, Image processing, Numerical simulations, Optical image encryption, Image restoration, Image quality, Electro optics, Spatial light modulators
Ran-Zan Wang, Yao-Ting Lee
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013021 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Roentgenium, Virtual colonoscopy, Visualization, Image encryption, Cryptography, Computer programming, Eye, Image processing, Information security, Transparency
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013022 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Wavelets, Video, Quantization, Binary data, Discrete wavelet transforms, Visual system, Video compression, Visualization, Visual process modeling
Michael Thomason, Jens Gregor
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013023 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Image fusion, Fusion energy, Visualization, Nondestructive evaluation, Ultrasonography, Wavelets, Shearography, Image processing, Matrices, Mathematics
Tom Mélange, Mike Nachtegael, Etienne Kerre
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013024 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Fuzzy logic, Digital filtering, Image filtering, Image processing, Filtering (signal processing), Video, Signal processing, Denoising, Motion estimation, Visualization
Hefei Ling, Liyun Wang, Fuhao Zou
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013025 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Digital watermarking, Video, Video compression, Transform theory, Visualization, Detection and tracking algorithms, Matrices, Modulation, Video processing, Directed energy weapons
Pollakrit Toonkum, Nijasri Suwanwela, Chedsada Chinrungrueng
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 013026 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Reconstruction algorithms, Ultrasonography, 3D image processing, 3D image reconstruction, Image filtering, Speckle, Linear filtering, Algorithm development, Optical filters, Arteries
Book Review
Daniel Viassolo
J. Electron. Imag. 20(1), 019901 (1 January 2011)
TOPICS: Control systems, Imaging systems, Color imaging, Printing, Dynamical systems, Patents, Mathematical modeling, Feedback control, Systems modeling, 3D modeling
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