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12 February 2014 Intraprediction scheme for pipelined processing in high-efficiency video coding encoder
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We propose an intraprediction scheme that enables the pipelined processing to reduce processing time in the high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) encoder. In the standard HEVC encoder, a rough mode decision (RMD) is used to reduce the complexity and processing time for intraprediction. However, because the RMD of the current block cannot be performed before the reconstruction of the previous block, intraprediction cannot be pipelined to reduce processing time. To remove this dependency, our proposed scheme uses the original data instead of the reconstructed data of the previous block in the RMD processing. By removing the data dependency, our proposed scheme allows block processing to be pipelined while maintaining consistency with the standard. Performance analysis results show that our proposed scheme reduces the processing time by up to 49.8%, with almost no loss in coding performance, compared to the HEVC test model 10.0.
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Youngjo Kim, Juwon Byun, and Jaeseok Kim "Intraprediction scheme for pipelined processing in high-efficiency video coding encoder," Journal of Electronic Imaging 23(1), 010501 (12 February 2014).
Published: 12 February 2014


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