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25 November 2016 Efficient biprediction decision scheme for fast high efficiency video coding encoding
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An efficient biprediction decision scheme of high efficiency video coding (HEVC) is proposed for fast-encoding applications. For low-delay video applications, bidirectional prediction can be used to increase compression performance efficiently with previous reference frames. However, at the same time, the computational complexity of the HEVC encoder is significantly increased due to the additional biprediction search. Although a some research has attempted to reduce this complexity, whether the prediction is strongly related to both motion complexity and prediction modes in a coding unit has not yet been investigated. A method that avoids most compression-inefficient search points is proposed so that the computational complexity of the motion estimation process can be dramatically decreased. To determine if biprediction is critical, the proposed method exploits the stochastic correlation of the context of prediction units (PUs): the direction of a PU and the accuracy of a motion vector. Through experimental results, the proposed method showed that the time complexity of biprediction can be reduced to 30% on average, outperforming existing methods in view of encoding time, number of function calls, and memory access.
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Sang-hyo Park, Seung-ho Lee, Euee S. Jang, Dongsan Jun, and Jung-Won Kang "Efficient biprediction decision scheme for fast high efficiency video coding encoding," Journal of Electronic Imaging 25(6), 063007 (25 November 2016).
Published: 25 November 2016

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