15 June 2018 Multi-color space local binary pattern-based feature selection for texture classification (Erratum)
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This article [J. Electron. Imaging 27(1), 011010 (2018)] was originally published online on 27 February 2018 with an error in Table 3.

Several lines of the table were typeset incorrectly. The corrected table appears below. All online versions of the article were corrected on 6 June 2018.

Table 3

Comparison between the classification accuracies reached with the Outex-TC-00013 set.

FeaturesColor spaceClassifierR (%)
RSCCM + MCSFS528 color spaces1-NN96.6
ICS-based MCSHS9 color spaces1-NN95.6
3-D color histogram17HSV1-NN95.4
ASL-based MCSHS9 color spaces1-NN95.3
Fractal descriptors37RGBLDA95.0
Haralick features6RGB5-NN94.9
3-D color histogram29RGB3-NN94.7
3-D color histogram39I-HLS1-NN94.5
Haralick features56RGB1-NN94.1
MCSBS9 color spaces1-NN92.9
Between color component LBP histogram17RGB1-NN92.5
Color histogram + LBP-based features55RGB1-NN90.3
Wavelet coefficients57L*a*b*BDC89.7
Autoregressive models + 3-D color histogram39I-HLS1-NN88.9
Halftoning local derivative pattern + color histogram58RGB1-NN88.2
Autoregressive models39L*a*b*1-NN88.0
Within color component LBP histogram17RGB1-NN87.8
Mixed color order LBP59RGB1-NN87.1
Features from wavelet transform60RGB7-NN85.2
Color contrast occurrence matrix61RGB1-NN82.6
Fuzzy aura matrices62RGB1-NN80.2

Note: BDC, Bayes decision classifier; LDA, linear discriminant analysis; and SVM, support vector machine.

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Alice Porebski, Alice Porebski, Vinh Truong Hoang, Vinh Truong Hoang, Nicolas Vandenbroucke, Nicolas Vandenbroucke, Denis Hamad, Denis Hamad, "Multi-color space local binary pattern-based feature selection for texture classification (Erratum)," Journal of Electronic Imaging 27(3), 039801 (15 June 2018). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.27.3.039801 . Submission:

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