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10 March 2022 Secure framework against cyber attacks on cyber-physical robotic systems
Akashdeep Bhardwaj, Mohammad Dahman Alshehri, Keshav Kaushik, Hasan J. Alyamani, Manoj Kumar
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Robot-based platforms and processes have integrated the security and efficiency of data into a comprehensive range for domains, such as manufacturing, industrial, logistical, agricultural, healthcare, and internet services. Smart cyberattacks have been on the rise, specifically targeting corporate, industrial robotic systems. These attacks execute once the internet of things, internet, and organization integration is implemented with the industrial units. We implemented security criteria-based indices for cyber-physical systems (CPS) with industrial components and embedded sensors that process the information logs and processes. We proposed an attack tree-based secure framework that does not include every CPS device but takes into consideration the critical exploitable vulnerabilities to execute the attacks. We categorized each physical device and integrated sensors based on logs and information in a sensor indices device library. This research simulated real-time exploitation of vulnerabilities on CPS robotic systems using the proposed framework in form of a two-phased process. This validates the enhanced data security output of the integrated sensor and physical nodes with the intelligent monitor and controller system health monitor during real-time cyberattacks This research simulated common cyberattacks on cyber-physical controller servers based on cross-site scripting and telnet pivoting. The authors gathered known and unknown vulnerabilities and exploited them with a tree-based attack algorithm. The authors calculated the average time for cyberattackers with different skills when trying to compromise CPS devices and systems.

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Akashdeep Bhardwaj, Mohammad Dahman Alshehri, Keshav Kaushik, Hasan J. Alyamani, and Manoj Kumar "Secure framework against cyber attacks on cyber-physical robotic systems," Journal of Electronic Imaging 31(6), 061802 (10 March 2022).
Received: 22 September 2021; Accepted: 3 December 2021; Published: 10 March 2022



Robotic systems

Network security

Computer security


Control systems


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