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1 October 1998 WaveNet Processing Brassboards for Live Video via Radio
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Recent advances in areas of both discrete wavelet transforms and continuous wavelet transforms representing human visual system neural networks have resulted in improved video compression, restoration, and filtering techniques. These software techniques are capable of achieving quality performance in video, and the computational complexity requires a special design hardware called WaveNet to run a real time live video through radio. The brassboard integrated with computers can potentially provide us with many applications, including remote sensors, security systems, and commercial and home video teleconferencing. This paper describes a low cost board to support a video compression, restoration, and filter system in real time processing. The WaveNet board has been optimized for wavelet-based image and video compression and enhancement techniques.
Charles C. Hsu and Harold H. Szu "WaveNet Processing Brassboards for Live Video via Radio," Journal of Electronic Imaging 7(4), (1 October 1998).
Published: 1 October 1998

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