Journal of Electronic Imaging

Editor-in-Chief: Karen Egiazarian, Tampere University, Finland

The Journal of Electronic Imaging, copublished by IS&T and SPIE, publishes papers in all technology areas that make up the field of electronic imaging and are normally considered in the design, engineering, and applications of electronic imaging systems.

On the cover: The figure is from the paper "Mesh-based scale-invariant feature transform-like method for three-dimensional face recognition under expressions and missing data" by Yan Liang, Jia-Cheng Liao, and Jiahui Pan in Vol. 29, Issue 5.  

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New editor-in-chief appointed for Journal of Electronic Imaging

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Image deraining using multi-scale aggregated generator network

Yan Zhang et al.

Special Section on Quality Control by Artificial Vision VI

Guest Editors: Olivier Aubreton, Kunihito Kato, Christophe Cudel, and Kazunori Umeda

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from the Journal of Electronic Imaging

Eye and mouth state detection algorithm based on contour feature extraction

Yingyu Ji, Shigang Wang, Yang Lu, Jian Wei, Yan Zhao (2018) Open Access

JPEG-1 standard 25 years: past, present, and future reasons for a success

Graham Hudson, Alain Léger, Birger Niss, István Sebestyén, Jørgen Vaaben (2018) Open Access

Deepfakes: temporal sequential analysis to detect face-swapped video clips using convolutional long short-term memory

Sawinder Kaur, Parteek Kumar, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (2020) Open Access

Calibration algorithms for polarization filter array camera: survey and evaluation

Yilbert Gimenez, Pierre-Jean Lapray, Alban Foulonneau, Laurent Bigué (2020) Open Access

Adversarial autoencoder for detecting anomalies in soldered joints on printed circuit boards

Keisuke Goto, Kunihito Kato, Takaho Saito, Hiroaki Aizawa (2020) Open Access

S-Net: a scalable convolutional neural network for JPEG compression artifact reduction

Bolun Zheng, Rui Sun, Xiang Tian, Yaowu Chen (2018) Open Access

Contrast computation methods for interferometric measurement of sensor modulation transfer function

Tharun Battula, Todor Georgiev, Jennifer Gille, Sergio Goma (2018) Open Access

Spatiotemporal information deep fusion network with frame attention mechanism for video action recognition

Hongshi Ou, Jifeng Sun (2019) Open Access

Performance evaluation of no-reference image quality metrics for face biometric images

Xinwei Liu, Marius Pedersen, Christophe M. Charrier, Patrick Bours (2018) Open Access

No-reference remote sensing image quality assessment based on gradient-weighted natural scene statistics in spatial domain

Junhua Yan, Xuehan Bai, Yongqi Xiao, Yin Zhang, Xiangyang Lv (2019) Open Access

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