Review Papers
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 020901 (28 June 2019)
TOPICS: Lung, Computed tomography, Feature extraction, Image segmentation, Computer-aided diagnosis, CAD systems, Computer aided diagnosis and therapy, Lung cancer, Solids, 3D modeling
Special Section on 3D Printing in Medical Imaging
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021601 (28 June 2019)
TOPICS: 3D printing, Medical imaging, Printing, 3D image processing, Polymers, Radiology, Medicine, Breast, Additive manufacturing, Manufacturing
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021602 (20 February 2019)
TOPICS: Printing, 3D printing, Nonimpact printing, Computed tomography, Liver, Signal attenuation, Laser tissue interaction, 3D image processing, Image quality, 3D image reconstruction
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021603 (12 March 2019)
TOPICS: Computed tomography, 3D printing, Arteries, Image segmentation, Software validation, Diagnostics, 3D image processing, Resistance, Distance measurement, Aorta
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021604 (22 March 2019)
TOPICS: Breast, Tissues, Digital breast tomosynthesis, Printing, Mammography, Signal attenuation, 3D printing, Digital mammography, Chest, Imaging systems
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021605 (15 May 2019)
TOPICS: Magnetic resonance imaging, 3D printing, Brain, Xenon, Neuroimaging, Signal to noise ratio, Additive manufacturing, 3D acquisition, Tumors, Copper
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 021606 (21 June 2019)
TOPICS: 3D modeling, Lung, Computed tomography, Mahalanobis distance, Genetic algorithms, Scanners, 3D printing, Feature extraction, Databases, Chest
Physics of Medical Imaging
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 023501 (14 May 2019)
TOPICS: Tissues, Terahertz radiation, Cancer, Collagen, Imaging spectroscopy, Breast, Spectroscopy, Absorption, Refractive index, Reflection
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 023502 (25 June 2019)
TOPICS: Attenuators, Modulation, Sensors, Signal attenuation, Chest, Scanners, Computed tomography, Actuators, Fluctuations and noise, Abdomen
Image Processing
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024001 (15 April 2019)
TOPICS: Skin, Image segmentation, Data modeling, Network architectures, Melanoma, Performance modeling, Image filtering, Convolution, Surgery, Associative arrays
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024002 (21 April 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Data modeling, Detection and tracking algorithms, Light sources and illumination, Wound healing, Machine vision, Image analysis, Computer vision technology, Visual process modeling, Image processing
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024003 (29 April 2019)
TOPICS: Skin, Image segmentation, 3D modeling, Confocal microscopy, 3D image processing, Visualization, Image classification, In vivo imaging, Mathematical modeling, Reflectivity
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024004 (3 May 2019)
TOPICS: Lung, Positron emission tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Image registration, Motion measurement, Computed tomography, Data acquisition, Motion analysis, Tumors, Visualization
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024005 (7 May 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Tumors, Brain, Magnetic resonance imaging, Convolutional neural networks, 3D modeling, Neuroimaging, Feature extraction, Magnetorheological finishing, Distance measurement
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024006 (20 May 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Microscopy, Blood, Proteins, Injuries, Classification systems, Sensors, Image classification, Edge detection, Computer programming
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024007 (5 June 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Prostate, Magnetic resonance imaging, 3D modeling, 3D image processing, Convolution, Image resolution, Binary data, Image enhancement, Clouds
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024008 (6 June 2019)
TOPICS: Scanners, Feature extraction, Principal component analysis, Neural networks, Computed tomography, Image classification, Medical imaging, Reconstruction algorithms, Tissues, Image acquisition
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024009 (28 June 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Optical coherence tomography, 3D image processing, Image registration, Eye, Image processing algorithms and systems, Algorithm development, Reflectivity, Signal detection, Retina
Computer-Aided Diagnosis
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024501 (24 April 2019)
TOPICS: Magnetic resonance imaging, Tumors, Image segmentation, Feature extraction, Data modeling, Image classification, Statistical modeling, Pathology, Brain, Performance modeling
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 024502 (14 June 2019)
TOPICS: Magnetic resonance imaging, Tumors, Prostate, Feature extraction, Scanners, Tissues, Prostate cancer, Computed tomography, Visualization, Magnetism
Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025001 (8 April 2019)
TOPICS: 3D image processing, 3D acquisition, Computed tomography, Visualization, Tumors, Ultrasonography, Image visualization, 3D image reconstruction, High dynamic range imaging, Imaging systems
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025002 (2 May 2019)
TOPICS: Imaging systems, Data modeling, Computed tomography, Optical spheres, Performance modeling, Image quality, Sensors, Reconstruction algorithms, Optimization (mathematics), Signal attenuation
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025003 (3 May 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Prostate, Computed tomography, 3D modeling, 3D image processing, Image processing algorithms and systems, Performance modeling, Data modeling, Statistical modeling, Algorithm development
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025004 (9 May 2019)
TOPICS: Robotics, Imaging systems, Aneurysms, Image quality, Visualization, Optical spheres, Computed tomography, 3D image processing, Calibration, Sensors
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025005 (11 May 2019)
TOPICS: Tumors, Luminescence, Tissues, Image registration, Reflectivity, Calibration, Brain, Near infrared, Natural surfaces, Signal attenuation
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025006 (15 May 2019)
TOPICS: Magnetic resonance imaging, Robotic systems, Scanners, Robotics, Magnetism, Image registration, Diagnostics, 3D acquisition, Image segmentation, 3D image processing
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025007 (20 May 2019)
TOPICS: Image registration, Antennas, Rigid registration, Microwave radiation, Data modeling, Tissues, Natural surfaces, Liver, Thermal modeling, Model-based design
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025008 (19 June 2019)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Convolutional neural networks, Performance modeling, Medical imaging, Blood vessels, Surgery, Selenium, Image processing, Computer programming, Data modeling
Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025501 (20 May 2019)
TOPICS: Computed tomography, Liver, Image quality, Signal detection, Performance modeling, Spatial frequencies, Medical imaging, Barium, Reconstruction algorithms, Data modeling
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025502 (14 June 2019)
TOPICS: Breast, Image processing, Mammography, Statistical analysis, Image filtering, Virtual reality, Binary data, Tissues, Imaging systems, Spatial frequencies
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 025503 (21 June 2019)
TOPICS: Signal to noise ratio, Stars, Radiology, Tumors, Java, Convolutional neural networks, Diagnostics, Lithium, Germanium, Image classification
Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Functional Imaging
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 026001 (22 May 2019)
TOPICS: Tissues, 3D modeling, Magnetic resonance imaging, Ischemic stroke, Brain, Performance modeling, Image classification, Data modeling, Magnetism, Convolution
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 026002 (19 June 2019)
TOPICS: Bone, Image registration, Image segmentation, Detection and tracking algorithms, Image processing algorithms and systems, Algorithm development, Computed tomography, Reliability, Error analysis, Expectation maximization algorithms
PACS and Imaging Informatics
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 026501 (11 April 2019)
TOPICS: Brain, Simulation of CCA and DLA aggregates, Neuroimaging, Canonical correlation analysis, Genetics, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Brain imaging, Visualization, Alzheimer's disease, Neurons
Digital Pathology
J. Med. Imag. 6(2), 027501 (24 April 2019)
TOPICS: Image compression, Data modeling, Solid modeling, Convolutional neural networks, Tumors, Performance modeling, CAD systems, Computer aided design, Cancer, Computer aided diagnosis and therapy
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