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7 August 2015 Step-and-repeat nanoimprint on pre-spin coated film for the fabrication of integrated optical devices
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A step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography (SR-NIL) process on a pre-spin-coated film is employed for the fabrication of an integrated optical device for on-chip spectroscopy. The complex device geometry has a footprint of about 3  cm2 and comprises several integrated optical components with different pattern size and density. Here, a new resist formulation for SR-NIL was tested for the first time and proved effective at dramatically reducing the occurrence of systematic defects due to film dewetting, trapped bubbles, and resist peel-off. A batch of 180 dies were imprinted, and statistics on the imprint success rate is discussed. Devices were optically characterized and benchmarked to an identical chip that was fabricated by electron-beam lithography. The overall performance of the imprinted nanospectrometers is well-aligned with that of the reference chip, which demonstrates the great potential of our SR-NIL for the low-cost manufacturing of integrated optical devices.
Alexander Koshelev, Giuseppe Calafiore, Alexander Goltsov, Scott D. Dhuey, Simone Sassolini, Vladimir Yankov, Martin Messerschmidt, Arne Schleunitz, Carlos A. Piña-Hernandez, Fabrizio Candido Pirri, Stefano Cabrini, and Christophe Peroz "Step-and-repeat nanoimprint on pre-spin coated film for the fabrication of integrated optical devices," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 14(3), 033506 (7 August 2015).
Published: 7 August 2015

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