24 December 2015 Our Top Reviewers of 2015
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This PDF file contains the editorial “Our Top Reviewers of 2015” for JM3 Vol. 15 Issue 01

d1.epsA peer-reviewed journal such as JM3 exists because of the dedication of a large number of people, beginning of course with the authors, then through the efforts of our volunteer editors and the professional staff at SPIE, and finally with the often unheralded help of our reviewers. At JM3, we have adapted the most common form of peer-reviewing manuscripts, using volunteer reviewers who remain anonymous by design.1 Now is my chance to recognize those reviewers for the vital role that they play.

As an author and reviewer myself, I appreciate the level of time, effort, and professionalism that goes into a thoughtful review. Since typically two selfless volunteers have reviewed each paper I have ever published in a journal, I consider it my duty to give back by reviewing at least two papers for every one that I publish. Many other authors also understand that performing reviews is a community service, giving back to a process that we also benefit from.

Over three hundred people reviewed manuscripts for JM3 last year. A list of all of those reviewers is found at the end of this issue’s print edition and in the online issue. I thank them all for their dedicated time and service to our community.

But some reviewers have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our top performers reviewed three or more JM3 manuscripts last year, accepted nearly all review requests, and completed their reviews within an average of 14 days of the request or less. The associate editors working with them ranked their reviews as either good or excellent. These are the top JM3 reviewers of 2015:

  • Emily Gallagher, Imec

  • Andreas Erdmann, Fraunhofer Institute

  • Shinji Matsui, University of Hyogo

  • Yuri Granik, Mentor Graphics Corp.

  • Mikhail Yurkov, DESY

  • Xiang Yang, Spansion, Inc.

  • Tsuneo Terasawa, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • Doruk Senkal, Invensense

  • Georges Nehmetallah, Catholic University of America

  • Ted Liang, Intel Corporation

  • Ziliang Cai, Louisiana State University

  • Timothy Brunner, GlobalFoundries

  • Robert Brainard, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

I hope that everyone who enjoys and appreciates this journal will find a chance to thank these reviewers for the gift of their time and expertise. And while this short list must use an arbitrary cut-off, I also appreciate the many other reviewers just as deserving of praise who are not listed here.


1. C. A. Mack, “Editorial: The Editorial Review Process,” J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 14(3), 030101 (2015). Google Scholar

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