journal of micro nanolithography mems and moems
VOL. 4 · NO. 1 | January 2005
Special Section on Next Generation Lithography
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013001 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Photomasks, Transistors, Lithography, Standards development, Resolution enhancement technologies, Field effect transistors, Capacitance, Phase shifts, Image quality standards, Binary data
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013002 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Semiconducting wafers, Liquids, Thermal effects, Microfluidics, Wafer-level optics, Refraction, Computational fluid dynamics, Optical lithography, Microfluidic imaging, Photomasks
Bryan Vogt, Christopher Soles, Chia-Ying Wang, Vivek Prabhu, Patricia McGuiggan, Jack Douglas, Eric Lin, Wen-Li Wu, Sushil Satija, Dario Goldfarb, Marie Angelopoulos
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013003 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Interfaces, Polymers, Oxides, Head-mounted displays, Photoresist materials, Silicon, Liquids, Absorption, Polymer thin films, Silicon films
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013004 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Polymers, Pellicles, Absorbance, Polymer thin films, Nanocomposites, Particles, Transparency, Lithography, Silica
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013005 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Diffusion, Printing, Photoresist processing, Photoresist materials, Line edge roughness, Lithography, Critical dimension metrology, Cadmium sulfide, Binary data, Photomasks
Kay Lederer, Steffen Hornig, Ralf Schuster
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013006 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Semiconducting wafers, Photoresist developing, Photoresist materials, Photoresist processing, Semiconductors, Manufacturing, Lithography, Aerosols, Critical dimension metrology, Thin film coatings
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013007 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Electron microscopy, Atomic force microscopy, 3D metrology, Line edge roughness, Reconstruction algorithms, Scanners, Finite element methods, Photoresist processing, Critical dimension metrology, Process control
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013008 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Monte Carlo methods, Error analysis, Phase shifts, Critical dimension metrology, Photomasks, Coherence imaging, Wavefronts, Light sources, Resolution enhancement technologies, Zernike polynomials
Gary Cheng, Daniel Pirzada, Prashanta Dutta
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013009 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Copper, Etching, Silicon, Reactive ion etching, Lithography, Electrochemical etching, Photoresist materials, Wet etching, Nanolithography, Microfluidics
Wei-Chih Wang, Joe Ho, Per Reinhall
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013010 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Etching, Silicon, Aluminum, Reactive ion etching, Oxides, Photoresist materials, Anisotropy, Anisotropic etching, Photomasks, Micromachining
Jie Wu, Shailendra Dubashi, Gary Bernstein
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013011 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Resistance, Thin films, Copper, Electroplating, Inductance, Amplitude modulation, Diodes, Metals, Capacitance, Silicon
Giuseppe Coppola, Mario Iodice, Andrea Finizio, Sergio De Nicola, Giovanni Pierattini, Pietro Ferraro, Carlo Magro, G. Spoto
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013012 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Microelectromechanical systems, Digital holography, Microscopes, Holograms, Silicon, 3D image reconstruction, Charge-coupled devices, Finite element methods, Wavefronts, Holography
Ya-hui Hu, Ming Chang, Kao-Hui Lin
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 013013 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Inspection, Liquids, Biomedical optics, Microfluidics, Detection and tracking algorithms, Computer simulations, Digital imaging, Biological research, Scanning electron microscopy, Microfluidic imaging
Hui Ju, Ping Zhang, Jingqiu Liang, Shurong Wang, YiHui Wu
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 4(1), 019701 (1 January 2005)
TOPICS: Silicon, Semiconducting wafers, Diffraction gratings, Crystals, Scanning electron microscopy, Wet etching, Atomic force microscopy, Wafer-level optics, Optical design, Photomasks
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