Journal of Nanophotonics
VOL. 14 · NO. 1 | January 2020
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Editorials (1)
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 010101 (20 January 2020)
TOPICS: Fluctuations and noise, Lithium, Venus, Alternate lighting of surfaces, Aluminium phosphide, Sun, Ruthenium
Research Papers
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016001 (7 January 2020)
TOPICS: Quantum dots, Polarizability, Gallium arsenide, Ions, Dielectrics, Semiconductors, Phonons, Physics, Optical properties, Aluminum
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016002 (7 January 2020)
TOPICS: Light emitting diodes, Reflectivity, Image resolution, Virtual reality, Gallium nitride, Receivers, Augmented reality, Organic light emitting diodes, Absorption, Aluminum
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016003 (9 January 2020)
TOPICS: Logic devices, Plasmonics, Logic, Finite element methods, Nanophotonics, Quantum computing, Constructive interference, Plasmonic waveguides, Resonators, Silver
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016004 (16 January 2020)
TOPICS: Gold, Crystals, Sodium, Nanostructures, Temperature metrology, Transmission electron microscopy, Nanorods, Surface plasmons, Particles, Heat treatments
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016005 (22 January 2020)
TOPICS: Polarization, Spatial light modulators, Phase shift keying, Liquid crystals, Modulation, Dielectric polarization, Charge-coupled devices, Quantum communications, Quantum cryptography, Control systems
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016006 (3 February 2020)
TOPICS: Sensors, Glucose, Biosensors, Waveguides, Photonic crystals, Silicon, Structural design, Finite-difference time-domain method, Biosensing, Dielectrics
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016007 (6 February 2020)
TOPICS: Nanostructures, Plasmonics, Nanoparticles, Gold, Absorption, Particles, Scattering, Refractive index, Light scattering, Water
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016008 (8 February 2020)
TOPICS: Absorption, Solar cells, Thin film solar cells, Thin films, Crystals, Silicon solar cells, Diffraction, Silver, Tolerancing, Silicon
J. Nanophoton. 14(1), 016009 (14 February 2020)
TOPICS: Stimulated emission depletion microscopy, Image resolution, Point spread functions, Super resolution, Data modeling, Confocal microscopy, Deconvolution, Microscopes, Image enhancement, Microscopy
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