Journal of Nanophotonics
VOL. 10 · NO. 4 | October 2016

Research Papers
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046001 (6 October 2016)
TOPICS: Gallium, Heterojunctions, Absorption, Quantum wells, Active optics, Aluminum, Electrons, Binary data, Indium, Gallium arsenide
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046002 (6 October 2016)
TOPICS: Gold, Transparency, Metals, Second-harmonic generation, Gallium arsenide, Gas lasers, FT-IR spectroscopy, Thin films, Polarization, Polarizers
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046003 (7 October 2016)
TOPICS: Aluminum, Dispersion, Metamaterials, Finite element methods, Infrared radiation, Free space optics, Light emitting diodes, Dielectrics, Ultrafast phenomena, Optical microcavities
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046004 (12 October 2016)
TOPICS: Gold, Nanoparticles, Magnetism, Absorption, Plasmonics, Electrons, Dichroic materials, Molybdenum, Circular dichroism spectroscopy, Dielectrics
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046005 (13 October 2016)
TOPICS: Nanoantennas, Antennas, Near field, Electromagnetism, Nanoelectronics, Spherical lenses, Quantum networks, Chemical species, Phase shifts, Quantum mechanics
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046006 (20 October 2016)
TOPICS: Amorphous silicon, Reflectors, Silicon, Reflector design, 3D modeling, Absorption, Solar cells, Silicon films, Finite-difference time-domain method, Device simulation
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046007 (24 October 2016)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Gold, Laser ablation, Coating, Transmission electron microscopy, Liquids, Absorption, FT-IR spectroscopy, Copper, Particles
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046008 (26 October 2016)
TOPICS: Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, Mirrors, Optimization (mathematics), Instrument modeling, Error analysis, Optical simulations, Gallium arsenide, Communication engineering, Performance modeling, Continuous wave operation
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046009 (27 October 2016)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Polarization, Silicon, Refractive index, Dielectric polarization, Active optics, Superposition, Magnetism, Control systems, Photonic devices
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046010 (3 November 2016)
TOPICS: Transmission electron microscopy, Glasses, Silver, Ions, Neodymium, Luminescence, Absorption, Metals, Nanoparticles, Energy transfer
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046011 (16 November 2016)
TOPICS: Nanoantennas, Scattering, Magnetism, Silicon, Dielectrics, Nanoparticles, Light scattering, Electromagnetic scattering, Diffraction, Diffraction gratings
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046012 (16 November 2016)
TOPICS: Reflectivity, Gallium arsenide, Photonic crystals, Dielectrics, Dielectric polarization, Polarization, Finite element methods, Crystals, Silicon, Optical properties
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046013 (23 November 2016)
TOPICS: Quantum wells, Magnetism, Microwave radiation, Absorption, Indium arsenide, Gallium antimonide, Electrons, Composites, Metalloids, Spectroscopy
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046014 (1 December 2016)
TOPICS: Interfaces, Oxides, Semiconductors, Nanocrystals, Dielectrics, Glasses, Resonance energy transfer, Excitons, Luminescence, Energy transfer
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046015 (7 December 2016)
TOPICS: Chemical species, Niobium, Molybdenum, Raman spectroscopy, Nanocomposites, Adsorption, Composites, X-ray diffraction, Spectroscopy, Oxides
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046016 (7 December 2016)
TOPICS: Biosensors, Sensors, Refractive index, Silver, Gold, Photonic crystal fibers, Biological research, Surface plasmons, Plasmonics, Microfluidics
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046017 (20 December 2016)
TOPICS: Silver, Nanoparticles, Annealing, Nanolithography, Metals, Quartz, Antireflective coatings, Etching, Scanning electron microscopy, Interfaces
J. Nanophoton. 10(4), 046018 (21 December 2016)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Indium arsenide, Zinc oxide, Quantum dots, Nanostructuring, Gallium arsenide, External quantum efficiency, Antireflective coatings, Refractive index, Scanning electron microscopy
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