Journal of Nanophotonics
VOL. 11 · NO. 4 | October 2017
Special Section on Nanostructured Thin Films: Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Modeling
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043501 (4 August 2017)
TOPICS: Nanostructured thin films, Nanolithography, Thin films, Mechanics, Mathematical modeling, Mathematics, Optical properties, Thin film solar cells, Nanotechnology, Photonics
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043502 (1 March 2017)
TOPICS: Thin films, Bromine, Fabrication, Lawrencium, Ocean optics, Sensors, Scanning electron microscopy, Contrast transfer function, Polarization, Visible radiation
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043503 (1 March 2017)
TOPICS: Reflection, Diffraction gratings, Dielectrics, Multilayer interference, Finite-difference time-domain method, Diffraction, Refractive index, Multilayers, Visualization, Reflectivity
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043504 (1 March 2017)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Absorption, Silver, Thin films, Optical properties, Polymer thin films, Spectroscopic ellipsometry, Polymers, Refractive index, Visible radiation
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043505 (29 March 2017)
TOPICS: Nanorods, Gold, Absorption, Chromium, Metamaterials, Thin films, Dielectrics, Metals, Plasmonics, Visible radiation
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043506 (20 April 2017)
TOPICS: Aluminum, Thin films, Ellipsometry, Nanolithography, Pulsed laser operation, Pulsed laser deposition, Transmission electron microscopy, Oxides, Capacitance, Silicon
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 043507 (1 June 2017)
TOPICS: Particle filters, Metals, Waveguides, Dielectrics, Interfaces, Wave propagation, Multilayers, Electromagnetism, Silver, Radio propagation
Research Papers
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046001 (10 October 2017)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Silver, Quantum efficiency, Solar cells, Zinc oxide, Plasmonics, Heterojunctions, Particles, Multilayers, Dielectrics
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046002 (12 October 2017)
TOPICS: Nanoantennas, Silicon, Transmittance, Magnetism, Dielectrics, Refractive index, Particles, Plasmonics, Scattering, Wavefronts
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046003 (12 October 2017)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Plasmonics, Sensors, Dielectrics, Visible radiation, Optical filters, Refractive index, Metals, Dispersion, Transparency
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046004 (13 October 2017)
TOPICS: Absorption, Excitons, Quantum dots, Particles, Oscillators, Quantization, Finite element methods, Chemical elements, Spherical lenses, Nanostructures
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046005 (27 October 2017)
TOPICS: Gold, Polarization, Luminescence, Nanocrystals, Plasmonics, Polarizers, Electromagnetism, Plasmons, Glasses, Near field
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046006 (30 October 2017)
TOPICS: Antennas, Plasmonics, Nanoantennas, Metals, Scattering, Control systems, Interfaces, Photons, Dielectrics, Gold
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046007 (31 October 2017)
TOPICS: Polarization, Gold, Scanning electron microscopy, Nanoparticles, Femtosecond phenomena, Short wave infrared radiation, Microscopes, Visible radiation, Atmospheric particles, Solids
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046008 (9 November 2017)
TOPICS: Graphene, Finite-difference time-domain method, Waveguides, Instrument modeling, Near infrared, Wave propagation, Resonators, Plasmonic waveguides, Dispersion, Terahertz radiation
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046009 (10 November 2017)
TOPICS: Liquids, Optical microcavities, Active optics, Birefringence, Polarizers, Thin films, Refractive index, Transducers, Microfluidics, Polarization
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046010 (14 November 2017)
TOPICS: Graphene, Nonlinear crystals, Interfaces, Dielectrics, Dispersion, Crystals, Photonic crystals, Terahertz radiation, Thermography, Nonlinear optics
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046011 (16 November 2017)
TOPICS: Absorption, Terahertz radiation, Semiconductors, Ultraviolet radiation, Visible radiation, Single walled carbon nanotubes, Resonators, Metamaterials, Dielectric polarization, Solar cells
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046012 (20 November 2017)
TOPICS: Graphene, Transparency, Plasmonics, Waveguides, Resonators, Switches, Silver, Nanosensors, Magnetism, Switching
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046013 (22 November 2017)
TOPICS: Optical microcavities, Photonic crystals, Magnetism, Finite-difference time-domain method, Electromagnetism, Refractive index, Lithium, Optoelectronics, Electronics engineering, Computer engineering
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046014 (28 November 2017)
TOPICS: Sensors, Dielectrics, Refractive index, Electric field sensors, Interfaces, Indium nitride, Surface plasmons, Reflectivity, Silver, Prisms
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046015 (1 December 2017)
TOPICS: Dielectrics, Plasmonic waveguides, Optical tweezers, Nanowires, Metals, Waveguides, Nanoparticles, Hybrid optics, Radio propagation, Wave propagation
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046016 (1 December 2017)
TOPICS: Absorption, Nanomaterials, Absorbance, Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, Photons, Particles, Nanoparticles, Scattering, Light scattering, Spectrophotometry
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046017 (5 December 2017)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Gallium arsenide, Absorption, Silver, Thin film solar cells, Antireflective coatings, Thin films, Nanostructures, Nanoparticles, Silicon
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046018 (12 December 2017)
TOPICS: Near field, Spectral resolution, Near field optics, Particles, Microscopy, Optical resolution, Microscopes, Image resolution, Electromagnetic radiation, Spatial resolution
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046019 (14 December 2017)
TOPICS: Resonators, Denoising, Biosensing, Signal to noise ratio, Nanobiophotonics, Sensors, Computer simulations, Data analysis, Wavelets, Environmental sensing
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046020 (15 December 2017)
TOPICS: Superconductors, Solar cells, Silicon solar cells, Thin films, Photonic crystals, Thin film solar cells, Absorption, Photons, Nanophotonics, Crystals
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046021 (19 December 2017)
TOPICS: Photodetectors, Semiconductors, Electro optics, Silicon, Metals, Electrons, N-type semiconductors, Spatial frequencies, Near field optics, Diodes
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046022 (19 December 2017)
TOPICS: Superlattices, Solid state lighting, Terahertz radiation, Quantum cascade lasers, Waveguides, Oscillators, Semiconductors, Harmonic generation, Gallium arsenide, Algorithms
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046023 (28 December 2017)
TOPICS: Reflectivity, Metals, Scattering, Plasmons, Transition metals, Gaussian beams, Light scattering, Transmittance, Gold, Absorption
J. Nanophoton. 11(4), 046024 (27 December 2017)
TOPICS: Bessel beams, Photonic crystals, Spatial light modulators, Lithography, Optical engineering, Optical simulations, Optical filters, Fourier transforms, Photonic devices, Optical communications
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