1 January 2010 Whispering gallery modes at 800 nm and 1550 nm in concentric Si-nc/Er:SiO2 microdisks
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We examined a concentric Si nanocrystal (Si-nc) and Er doped SiO2 (Er:SiO2) microdisk structure supporting high-Q whispering gallery modes (WGMs) at both visible and telecom wavelengths. This structure provides a means to utilize Si-nc luminescence as an optical pump for an Er:SiO2 cavity without subjecting a telecom-wavelength, Er:SiO2-based mode to loss mechanisms associated with the Si-nc material. After fabricating a concentric microdisk consisting of an inner Si-nc disk and an outer Er:SiO2 ring, we characterize visible wavelength WGMs excited by the Si-nc photoluminescence and observed spectrometer limited quality factors as high as 103. Telecom wavelength photoluminescence from the Er:SiO2 ring was measured to have a quality factor as high as 104 in the erbium luminescence region using a passive pulled fiber setup.
Elton Marchena, Elton Marchena, Brandon Redding, Brandon Redding, Tim Creazzo, Tim Creazzo, Shouyuan Shi, Shouyuan Shi, Dennis W. Prather, Dennis W. Prather, "Whispering gallery modes at 800 nm and 1550 nm in concentric Si-nc/Er:SiO2 microdisks," Journal of Nanophotonics 4(1), 049501 (1 January 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3312634 . Submission:

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