J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060101 (2 July 2012)
TOPICS: Silicon, Silicon films, Electroluminescence, Oxides, Thin films, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Erbium, Basic research
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060102 (2 July 2012)
TOPICS: Silver, Nanoparticles, Oxygen, Atmospheric monitoring, Atmospheric optics, Spectroscopic atmospheric monitoring techniques, Optical spectroscopy
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060103 (2 July 2012)
TOPICS: Indium arsenide, Quantum dots, Gallium arsenide, Spectroscopy, Physics, Polishing, Microelectronics, Nanostructures, Electronics engineering
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060104 (19 July 2012)
TOPICS: Graphene, Nanostructures, Mechanical engineering, Materials science
Book Reviews
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060201 (16 July 2012)
TOPICS: Silicon, Silicon photonics, Telecommunications, Waveguides, Photonics, Semiconductors, Plasmonics, Field effect transistors, Chemical elements, Solar energy
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060202 (24 September 2012)
TOPICS: Semiconductor lasers, Oscillators, Chaos, Cryptography, Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, Quantum dots, Mirrors, Quantum cascade lasers, Systems modeling, Polarization
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060301 (13 March 2012)
TOPICS: Molecules, Luminescence, Single mode fibers, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Proteins, Molecular spectroscopy, Photons, Chromophores, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, CCD cameras
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060302 (21 March 2012)
TOPICS: Silicon, Photonics, Luminescence, Nanocrystals, Oxides, Semiconductor lasers, Erbium, Electronics, Silicon photonics, Ions
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060303 (19 October 2012)
TOPICS: Ceramics, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, Copper, Heat treatments, Silver, Reflection, Nanostructures, Absorption, Minerals
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 060304 (24 October 2012)
TOPICS: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer, Luminescence, Molecules, Quantum dots, Semiconductors, Nanoparticles, Target detection, Absorption, Silver, Nanocrystals
Commemorative Papers
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061001 (23 April 2012)
TOPICS: Liquid crystals, Molecules, Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Nanostructures, Nanoparticles, Dielectrics, Metals, Solids, Particles
Special Section on Nanostructured Thin Films: From Theoretical Aspects to Practical Applications
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061501 (13 March 2012)
TOPICS: Wave plates, Multilayers, Refractive index, Thin films, Optical coatings, Transmittance, Birefringence, Glasses, Index matching antireflective coatings, Polarization
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061502 (6 April 2012)
TOPICS: Silver, Silicon, Nanoparticles, Oxygen, Nanocomposites, Metals, Atmospheric monitoring, Sputter deposition, Atmospheric optics, Dielectrics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061503 (12 March 2012)
TOPICS: Thin film solar cells, Nanostructures, Silicon solar cells, Solar cells, Polarization, Absorption, Plasmonics, Metals, Silicon, Photovoltaics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061504 (10 May 2012)
TOPICS: Homogenization, Metamaterials, Magnesium, Zoom lenses, Silver, Instrument modeling, Plasma, Numerical analysis, Electromagnetism, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061505 (10 May 2012)
TOPICS: Nanophotonics, Solar energy, Nanostructures, Transmittance, Absorption, Polymers, Solar cells, Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Reflectivity
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061506 (10 May 2012)
TOPICS: Silicon, Optical microcavities, Molecules, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Reflectivity, Scanning electron microscopy, Biosensing, Refractive index, Natural surfaces, Interfaces
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061507 (31 May 2012)
TOPICS: Polarization, Tantalum, Thin films, Reflectivity, Interfaces, Wave propagation, Reflection, Prisms, Radio propagation, Birefringence
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061508 (21 June 2012)
TOPICS: Luminescence, Silver, Silicon, Gold, Metals, Thin films, Rhodamine, Biosensing, Microscopes, Nanorods
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061599 (4 September 2012)
TOPICS: Nanostructured thin films, Nanotechnology, Nanolithography, Fabrication, Nanostructures, Plasmonics, Homogenization, Nanostructuring, Silicon, Silicon films
Special Section: Selected Papers from the 4th Mediterranean Conference on Nanophotonics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061601 (7 August 2012)
TOPICS: Multilayers, Metals, Copper, Thermography, Silver, Vanadium, Infrared radiation, Optical filters, Thin films, Lithium
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061602 (31 July 2012)
TOPICS: Plasma, Nanostructures, Gold, Polymerization, Electronic design automation, Transducers, Sensors, Nanofabrication, Neodymium, Surface plasmons
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061603 (26 July 2012)
TOPICS: Absorption, Solar cells, Indium gallium nitride, Photonic crystals, Polarization, Etching, Solar energy, Nanophotonics, Crystals, Indium
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061604 (6 August 2012)
TOPICS: Zinc, Refractive index, Transition metals, Heterojunctions, Spherical lenses, Nonlinear optics, Absorption, Optical properties, Solids, Quantum wells
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061605 (18 September 2012)
TOPICS: Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Silver, Molecules, Particles, Raman scattering, Nanostructures, Silicon, Raman spectroscopy, Thin films, Bioalcohols
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061606 (25 September 2012)
TOPICS: Absorption, Spherical lenses, Quantum dots, Solids, Semiconductors, Optical properties, Transition metals, Ions, Dielectrics, Medium wave
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061607 (25 September 2012)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Metals, Silicon, Microelectronics, Logic devices, Refractive index, Photonic crystals, Transistors, Electronics, Logic
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061608 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Dielectrics, Resonators, Aluminum, Magnetism, Metamaterials, Metals, Wave propagation, Silicon carbide, Microwave radiation, Phase velocity
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061609 (10 December 2012)
TOPICS: Gold, Plasmonic waveguides, Waveguides, Dielectrics, Plasmonic couplers, Thin films, Wave propagation, Plasmonics, Dispersion, Polymer multimode waveguides
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061699 (25 September 2012)
TOPICS: Nanophotonics, Photonic crystals, Nanotechnology, Electro optics, Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic crystal devices, Photonic devices, Logic devices, Plasmonic couplers
Special Section on Fundamental and Applied Nanoelectromagnetics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061701 (24 September 2012)
TOPICS: Spiral phase plates, Optical coatings, Dielectrics, Stars, Interfaces, Metals, Optical filters, Wave propagation, Dielectric polarization, Dielectric filters
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061702 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Graphene, Polarization, Photons, Particles, Superposition, Quasiparticles, Harmonic generation, Multiphoton processes, Wave propagation, Numerical simulations
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061703 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Carbon, Chemical vapor deposition, Transparent conducting films, Manufacturing, Graphene, Transmittance, Raman spectroscopy, Resistance, Dielectrics, Methane
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061704 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Raman spectroscopy, Optical filters, Multilayers, Cancer, Refractive index, Quantum wells, Diagnostics, Forensic science, Dielectric filters, Mirrors
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061705 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer, Molecules, Nanocrystals, Semiconductors, Molecular energy transfer, Resonance energy transfer, Absorption, Energy efficiency, Quantum dots, Nanorods
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061706 (1 October 2012)
TOPICS: Carbon nanotubes, Nanostructures, Scattering, Electromagnetism, Resistance, Nanosensors, Multiple scattering, Metals, Graphene, Nickel
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061707 (5 October 2012)
TOPICS: Single walled carbon nanotubes, Doping, Thin films, Composites, Absorbance, Semiconductors, Carbon nanotubes, Plasmons, Electromagnetism, P-type semiconductors
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061708 (12 October 2012)
TOPICS: Dielectrics, Composites, Annealing, Positron emission tomography, Polymers, Carbon nanotubes, Temperature metrology, Dielectric dispersion, Molecules, Dielectric polarization
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061709 (26 October 2012)
TOPICS: Gold, Nanoparticles, Tantalum, Absorption, Copper, Iron, Scattering, Niobium, Plasmons, Molybdenum
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061710 (16 October 2012)
TOPICS: Silver, Luminescence, Nanoparticles, Particles, Molecules, Metals, Sol-gels, Plasmonics, Proteins, Nanolithography
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061711 (22 October 2012)
TOPICS: Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, Absorption, Infrared radiation, Molecules, Plasmons, Raman spectroscopy, Metals, Carbon, Raman scattering
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061712 (29 October 2012)
TOPICS: Fermium, Frequency modulation, Graphene, Atomic force microscopy, Carbon, Chemical species, Magnetism, Semiconductors, Hydrogen, Ferromagnetics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061713 (29 October 2012)
TOPICS: Scattering, Crystals, Photonic crystals, Diffraction, Electromagnetic scattering, Refractive index, Electromagnetic radiation, Electromagnetic scattering theory, Signal attenuation, Refraction
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061714 (15 November 2012)
TOPICS: Crystals, Diffraction, Particles, Photonic crystals, Terahertz radiation, Photons, Picosecond phenomena, Electromagnetism, Atmospheric particles, X-rays
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061715 (10 December 2012)
TOPICS: Carbon, Foam, Composites, Microwave radiation, Electromagnetism, Polarizability, Epoxies, Reflectivity, Signal attenuation, Polymers
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061716 (13 December 2012)
TOPICS: Nanoparticles, Terahertz radiation, Nickel, Infrared cameras, Metals, Particles, Cameras, Infrared imaging, Infrared radiation, Transmittance
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061717 (5 December 2012)
TOPICS: Cobalt, Nanoparticles, Iron, Chemical species, Magnetism, Composites, Particles, Electromagnetism, Polymers, X-rays
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061718 (5 December 2012)
TOPICS: Graphene, Waveguides, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Chemical vapor deposition, Nanoelectronics, Reflection, Radio propagation, Refraction, Physics, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061719 (5 December 2012)
TOPICS: Graphene, Spiral phase plates, Plasmons, Polaritons, Terahertz radiation, Electromagnetic radiation, Electromagnetism, Bismuth, Carbon, Chemical species
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061799 (17 December 2012)
TOPICS: Nanostructures, Electromagnetism, Physics, Chemistry, Condensed matter, Solids, Semiconductors, Nanoparticles, Nanophotonics, Electrodynamics
Special Section on Polaritons
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061801 (30 October 2012)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Surface plasmon polaritons, Plasmonic waveguides, Metals, Dielectrics, Plasmons, Wave propagation, Plasmonics, Integrated optics, Nanoparticles
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061802 (30 October 2012)
TOPICS: Excitons, Photons, Polaritons, Particles, Quantum wells, Optical microcavities, Semiconductors, Optical semiconductors, Quasiparticles, Dielectrics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061803 (12 November 2012)
TOPICS: Photon counting, Polaritons, Physics, Semiconductors, Luminescence, Optical microcavities, Quantum dots, Quantum physics, Solids, Quantum electrodynamics
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061804 (12 November 2012)
TOPICS: Quantum wells, Polaritons, Polarization, Absorption, Dispersion, Excitons, Photon polarization, Plasmons, Quasiparticles, Particles
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061805 (12 November 2012)
TOPICS: Polaritons, Oscillators, Optical microcavities, Nonlinear dynamics, Signal processing, Semiconductors, Scattering, Complex systems, Excitons, Optical parametric oscillators
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061806 (29 November 2012)
TOPICS: Photons, Magnetism, Quantum wells, Optical microcavities, Polaritons, Excitons, Resonators, Quantization, Polarization, Semiconductors
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 061899 (10 December 2012)
TOPICS: Polaritons, Multilayers, Nanotechnology, Electromagnetism, Magnetic semiconductors, Semiconductors, Optical microcavities, Quantum efficiency, Physics, Applied physics
Research Papers
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063501 (12 March 2012)
TOPICS: Silicon, Gold, Neptunium, Raman scattering, Nanoparticles, Metals, Raman spectroscopy, Molecules, Atomic force microscopy, Semiconducting wafers
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063502 (24 February 2012)
TOPICS: Temperature metrology, Indium arsenide, Quantum dots, Gallium arsenide, Capacitance, Spectroscopy, Semiconductors, Physics, Diodes, Metals
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063503 (5 March 2012)
TOPICS: Electroluminescence, Erbium, Silicon, Silicon films, Scanning tunneling microscopy, Electrons, Luminescence, Oxides, Photons, Thin films
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063504 (12 March 2012)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Silicon, Photonic crystals, Dispersion, Slow light, Silicon photonics, Channel waveguides, Gallium arsenide, Wave propagation, Silica
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063505 (29 March 2012)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Silicon, Directional couplers, Sensors, Signal to noise ratio, Nanoelectromechanical systems, Scanning electron microscopy, Modulation, Finite-difference time-domain method, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 6(1), 063506 (23 March 2012)
TOPICS: Metamaterials, Refractive index, Gold, Nanoparticles, Plasmons, Plasmonics, Phase shifts, Metals, Scattering, Electrons