Review Papers
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 081599 (17 March 2014)
TOPICS: Nanophotonics, Photon polarization, Near field optics, Polarization, Quantum optics, Particles, Quantum physics, Photonics, Photodetectors, Optical vortices
Research Papers
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083069 (22 December 2014)
TOPICS: Neodymium, Silicon, Dielectrics, Atomic force microscopy, Lamps, Gold, Xenon, Thin films, Oxygen, Nanoparticles
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083070 (17 December 2014)
TOPICS: Silicon carbide, Bioalcohols, Nanocrystals, Luminescence, Natural surfaces, Silicon, Transmission electron microscopy, Dielectrics, Optoelectronics, Hydrogen
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083071 (25 November 2014)
TOPICS: Photonic crystals, Electromagnetism, Silicon, Bandpass filters, Glasses, Waveguides, Dielectrics, Control systems, Refractive index, Oscilloscopes
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083072 (6 November 2014)
TOPICS: Spiral phase plates, Optical sensing, Interfaces, Prisms, Refractive index, Wave propagation, Sensors, Metals, Dielectrics, Wave sensors
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083073 (3 November 2014)
TOPICS: Slow light, Waveguides, Dispersion, Photonic crystals, Light wave propagation, Dielectrics, Sodium, Sun, Resonators, Lithium
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083074 (27 October 2014)
TOPICS: Metamaterials, Refractive index, Wave propagation, Optical metamaterials, Light wave propagation, Crystals, Anisotropy, Polarization, Geometrical optics, Solids
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083075 (25 August 2014)
TOPICS: Metals, Thin films, Gold, Plasmonics, Near field, Near field scanning optical microscopy, Quartz, Atomic force microscopy, Near field optics, Aluminum
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083076 (15 August 2014)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Refractive index, Microscopy, Luminescence, Interfaces, Water, Near field optics, Particles, Reflection, Thin films
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083077 (6 August 2014)
TOPICS: Polymers, Stochastic processes, Temperature metrology, Chemical elements, Crystals, Carbon, Dielectrics, Signal processing, Annealing, Solid state physics
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083078 (6 August 2014)
TOPICS: Plasmonics, Silver, Nanostructures, Refractive index, Near field, Finite element methods, Nanoparticles, Optical properties, Near field optics, Nanoantennas
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083079 (18 July 2014)
TOPICS: Plasmonics, Spiral phase plates, Near field scanning optical microscopy, Dielectrics, Silica, Aluminum, Near field optics, Phase modulation, Optical microscopes, Optical testing
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083080 (10 July 2014)
TOPICS: Nanolithography, Silver, Multilayers, Interfaces, Super resolution, Metals, Photoresist materials, Numerical simulations, Wave propagation, Chromium
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083081 (7 July 2014)
TOPICS: Sapphire, Gallium nitride, Transmission electron microscopy, Ultraviolet radiation, Raman spectroscopy, Crystals, Satellites, Gallium arsenide, Interfaces, Manufacturing
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083082 (25 June 2014)
TOPICS: Dielectrics, Interfaces, Waveguides, Wave propagation, Contrast transfer function, Metals, Aluminum, Thin films, Magnesium fluoride, Tolerancing
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083083 (24 June 2014)
TOPICS: Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Silver, Raman spectroscopy, Sensors, Signal detection, Raman scattering, Adsorption, Nanoparticles, Calibration, Composites
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083084 (16 June 2014)
TOPICS: Particles, Diffraction, Electroluminescence, Refractive index, Nanoparticles, Mie scattering, Gold, Surface plasmons, Plasmons, Sensors
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083085 (16 June 2014)
TOPICS: Metals, Absorption, Metamaterials, Dielectrics, Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Copper, Tungsten, Finite-difference time-domain method
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083086 (11 June 2014)
TOPICS: Magnetism, Crystals, Ceramics, Ultraviolet radiation, Manganese, Europium, Atomic force microscopy, Liquids, Nitrogen, Absorption
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083087 (11 June 2014)
TOPICS: Silver, Particles, Nanostructuring, Luminescence, Raman spectroscopy, Atomic force microscopy, Glasses, Metals, Composites, Fractal analysis
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083088 (3 June 2014)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Photonic crystals, Refractive index, Sensors, Silicon, Signal detection, Dielectric filters, Finite-difference time-domain method, Water, 3D surface sensing
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083089 (28 April 2014)
TOPICS: Silver, Nanostructures, Nanolithography, Metals, Ultraviolet radiation, Plasmonics, Transmittance, Luminescence, Scanning electron microscopy, Absorption
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083090 (23 April 2014)
TOPICS: Electrons, Quantum wells, Quantum dots, Solids, Luminescence, Zinc, Electronic components, 3D modeling, Particles, Algorithm development
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083091 (31 March 2014)
TOPICS: Polarizers, Etching, Polymers, Liquid crystals, Reactive ion etching, Polarization, Metals, Aluminum, Optical alignment, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083092 (26 March 2014)
TOPICS: Graphene, Composites, Solar cells, Polymers, Photovoltaics, Molecules, Excitons, Absorption, Scanning electron microscopy, Copper indium disulfide
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083093 (26 March 2014)
TOPICS: Ytterbium, Thulium, Switching, Luminescence, Upconversion, Ions, Sodium, Nanocrystals, Energy transfer, Chromium
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083094 (14 February 2014)
TOPICS: Surface plasmons, Constructive interference, Finite-difference time-domain method, Gold, Solids, Polarization, Magnetism, Metals, Optical components, Computer simulations
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083095 (13 February 2014)
TOPICS: Quantum wells, Heterojunctions, Light emitting diodes, Polarization, External quantum efficiency, Waveguides, Silicon, Anisotropy, Gallium nitride, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083096 (20 January 2014)
TOPICS: Quantum wells, Heterojunctions, Absorption, Nanophotonics, Cadmium sulfide, Error analysis, Semiconductors, Dielectrics, Scattering, Sensors
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083097 (6 January 2014)
TOPICS: Gold, Silver, Chromium, Aluminum, Titanium, Finite-difference time-domain method, Particle swarm optimization, Data modeling, Optical properties, Particles
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083098 (3 January 2014)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Silicon, Line edge roughness, Wave propagation, Electron beams, Hydrogen, Atomic force microscopy, Photomasks, Edge roughness, Scanning electron microscopy
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083099 (3 January 2014)
TOPICS: Terahertz radiation, Thin films, Carbon nanotubes, Absorption, Terahertz spectroscopy, Electrons, Semiconductors, Composites, Absorbance, Metals
Special Section on Metamaterials and Photonic Nanostructures
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083801 (16 June 2014)
TOPICS: Metamaterials, Near field optics, Plasmonics, Photonic nanostructures, Physics, Radio optics, Photonic crystals, Refractive index, Plasmas, Nanofabrication
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083888 (16 June 2014)
TOPICS: Graphene, Absorption, Mid-IR, Surface plasmons, Dielectrics, Reflectors, Reflection, Scattering, Optical resonators, Modulation
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083889 (21 April 2014)
TOPICS: Gold, Transmittance, Plasmonics, Near infrared, Silver, Thin films, Electrodes, Metals, Surface plasmons, Interfaces
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083890 (27 February 2014)
TOPICS: Picosecond phenomena, Dispersion, Structured optical fibers, Femtosecond phenomena, Micro optical fluidics, Nonlinear optics, Numerical simulations, Pulsed laser operation, Wave propagation, Optical fibers
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083891 (5 February 2014)
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083892 (29 January 2014)
TOPICS: Excitons, Information operations, Bromine, Lead, Tin, Thin films, Ultraviolet radiation, Mercury, Metals, Perovskite
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083893 (29 January 2014)
TOPICS: Photonic crystals, Curium, Dielectrics, Third-harmonic generation, Dispersion, Wave propagation, Fourier transforms, Nonlinear optics, Nonlinear frequency conversion, Phase matching
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083894 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Spatial light modulators, Photonic crystals, Optical engineering, Fourier transforms, Photonics, Phase shifts, CMOS cameras, Lithography, Bessel beams, Spiral phase plates
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083895 (20 January 2014)
TOPICS: Metamaterials, Birefringence, Wave propagation, Refraction, Metals, Multilayers, Numerical simulations, Dielectrics, Plasmonics, Crystals
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083896 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Computer aided design, Gold, Electron beam lithography, Terahertz radiation, Etching, Local area networks, Scanning electron microscopy, Plasmonics, Dry etching, Crystals
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083897 (9 January 2014)
TOPICS: Plasmonics, Chemical elements, Plasmons, Gold, Nanostructures, Reflection, Scanning electron microscopy, Wave propagation, Nanolithography, Surface plasmons
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083898 (6 January 2014)
TOPICS: Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Polarization, Zinc oxide, Nanoparticles, Aluminum, Refractive index, Particles, Surface plasmons, Dielectric polarization
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083899 (23 December 2013)
TOPICS: Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Plasmons, Silver, Polarization, Raman scattering, Modulation, Plasmonics, Raman spectroscopy, Molecules, Nanowires
Special Section on Nanostructured Thin Films: Latest Developments in Theory and Practice
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083901 (19 May 2014)
TOPICS: Nanostructured thin films, Thin films, Nanolithography, Mathematics, Mechanics, Electro-optical engineering, Nanotechnology, Structural engineering, Numerical analysis, Fabrication
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083986 (19 May 2014)
TOPICS: Contrast transfer function, Thin films, Dielectrics, Prisms, Sensors, Interfaces, Reflectivity, Plasmonics, Metals, Aluminum
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083987 (19 May 2014)
TOPICS: Scattering, Homogenization, Wave propagation, Light scattering, Energy efficiency, Metamaterials, Electromagnetic scattering, Dielectrics, Quantum dots, Nanowires
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083988 (13 May 2014)
TOPICS: Reflectivity, Silicon, Diffraction, Visualization, Refractive index, Diffraction gratings, Photography, Optical properties, Reflection, Absorption
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083989 (11 April 2014)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Sensors, Raman spectroscopy, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Nanostructuring, Gold, Silicon, Waveguide sensors, Refractive index, Molecules
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083990 (9 April 2014)
TOPICS: Plasmonics, Resonators, Visible radiation, Dielectrics, Metals, Electromagnetism, Silver, Cadmium sulfide, Finite-difference time-domain method, Diffraction
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083991 (10 April 2014)
TOPICS: Wave plates, Transmittance, Tantalum, Optical properties, Resistance, Air contamination, Optical components, Birefringence, Reflectivity, LCDs
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083992 (3 April 2014)
TOPICS: Photonic crystals, Waveguides, Absorbance, Spectroscopy, Solids, Glasses, Refractive index, Optical lithography, Light emitting diodes, Europium
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083993 (25 March 2014)
TOPICS: Particles, Wave propagation, Refractive index, Dielectrics, Anisotropy, Homogenization, Solids, Optical sensing, Composites, Optical spheres
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083994 (17 March 2014)
TOPICS: Aluminum, Magnetism, Refractive index, Reflectivity, Optical properties, Transmittance, Destructive interference, Metamaterials, Wave propagation, Finite-difference time-domain method
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083995 (6 March 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Thin film solar cells, Waveguides, Thin films, Absorbance, Glasses, Absorption, Silicon solar cells, Reflectivity, Refractive index
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083996 (27 February 2014)
TOPICS: Silicon carbide, Coating, Carbon, Multilayers, Silicon, Composites, Resistance, Oxygen, Crystals, Oxidation
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083997 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Liquid crystals, Optical fibers, Structured optical fibers, Wave propagation, Interfaces, Dielectrics, Optical sensing, Radio propagation, Crystal optics, Optical properties
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083998 (27 February 2014)
TOPICS: Particle filters, Dielectrics, Lawrencium, Thin films, Metals, Fabrication, Physical vapor deposition, Multilayers, Liquid crystals, Optics manufacturing
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 083999 (5 February 2014)
TOPICS: Thin films, Carbon, Ellipsometry, Data modeling, Pulsed laser operation, Pulsed laser deposition, Raman spectroscopy, Atomic force microscopy, Tunable lasers, Silicon
Special Section on Nanophotonic Materials and Devices
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 084001 (29 December 2014)
TOPICS: Nanophotonics, Photonics, Nanostructures, Roads, Computer engineering, Nanotechnology, Control systems, Nanolithography, Fabrication, Light sources and illumination
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 084089 (6 November 2014)
TOPICS: Lithographic illumination, Lithography, Error analysis, Photomasks, Light sources, Optical lithography, Paraxial approximations, Diffraction gratings, Lamps, Electromagnetic radiation
J. Nanophoton. 8(1), 084090 (3 November 2014)
TOPICS: Waveguides, Slow light, Photonic crystals, Dispersion, Silicon, Light wave propagation, Scanning electron microscopy, Photonics, Wave propagation