4 March 2015 Flat focusing in reflection from a chirped dielectric mirror with a defect layer
Yu-Chieh Cheng, Simonas Kicas, Kestutis Staliunas
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Recently, the principle of flat focusing based on one-dimensionally chirped dielectric mirrors has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The flat chirped mirror causes anomalous diffraction of the beam during reflection, opposite to the normal diffraction in free space propagation. The anomalous diffraction compensates the normal diffraction of the beam resulting in focusing after reflection. For a better focusing performance and for a larger near-field focal distance, a stronger anomalous diffraction is required. We show that the anomalous diffraction can be enhanced by introducing a defect layer in the chirped mirror, as the structure becomes similar to a Gires–Tournois interferometer. The focal distance can be substantially increased due to the defect layer. In our specific structure, the focal distance shows an increase from 19 to 39  μm, numerically.
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Yu-Chieh Cheng, Simonas Kicas, and Kestutis Staliunas "Flat focusing in reflection from a chirped dielectric mirror with a defect layer," Journal of Nanophotonics 9(1), 093084 (4 March 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JNP.9.093084
Published: 4 March 2015
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Dielectric mirrors

Near field

Mirror structures

Beam propagation method


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