Journal of Optical Microsystems
Editor-in-Chief: Hans Zappe, University of Freiburg, Germany

The Journal of Optical Microsystems is a Gold Open Access journal that publishes cutting-edge research in all aspects of optical and photonic microsystems, from materials and fabrication of micro-optical and photonic components, through assembly and packaging, to systems and applications. Open access fees will be waived for all submissions through 2022.

On the cover: The figure was provided by Pouya Rajaeipour et al., authors of "Seventh-order wavefront modulation with a gravity-neutral optofluidic deformable phase platein Vol. 1, Issue 3.

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Featured Content

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Hosted by Journal of Optical Microsystems Editor-in-Chief, Hans Zappe

Simple but effective: strong efficiency boost for a linear variable filter-based spectrometer

Aliaksei Kobylinskiy et al.

Review: Minimally invasive optical sensors for microwave-electric-field exposure measurements

Florent Behague et al.

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