Journal of Photonics for Energy
VOL. 10 · NO. 2 | April 2020
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Special Section on Advanced Materials and Devices for Solar Driven Liquid Fuel and Hydrogen Production
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023501 (21 April 2020)
TOPICS: Solar energy, Liquids, Hydrogen production, Renewable energy, Nanomaterials, Thermal engineering, Chemistry, Carbon, Physics, Industrial chemicals
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023502 (1 November 2019)
TOPICS: Nickel, Silver, Carbon monoxide, Doping, Electrons, Nanoparticles, Absorption, Composites, Semiconductors, Carbonates
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023503 (23 December 2019)
TOPICS: Strontium, Hydrogen, Adsorption, Ions, Titanium dioxide, Sodium, Visualization, Carbon, Polymers, Semiconductors
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023504 (27 December 2019)
TOPICS: Atmospheric particles, Air contamination, Ions, Aerosols, Solar energy, Chlorine, Humidity, Particles, Sodium, Pollution
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023505 (11 February 2020)
TOPICS: Zinc oxide, Cadmium sulfide, Crystal optics, Absorption, Crystals, Nanorods, Scanning electron microscopy, Cadmium, Electrodes, Charged particle optics
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023506 (25 February 2020)
TOPICS: Zinc oxide, Crystals, Zinc, Luminescence, Oxygen, Particles, Photocatalysis, Ultraviolet radiation, Chemical species, Ions
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023507 (3 March 2020)
TOPICS: Carbon, Cobalt, Composites, Oxygen, Electrodes, Californium, Crystals, Ions, Lithium, Nanoparticles
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023508 (2 March 2020)
TOPICS: Absorption, Nanoparticles, Xenon, Lamps, Adsorption, Liquids, FT-IR spectroscopy, Composites, Scanning electron microscopy, Silica
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 023509 (27 March 2020)
TOPICS: Iron, Composites, Heterojunctions, Oxides, Scanning electron microscopy, Adsorption, Oxygen, Transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy
Materials Synthesis, Deposition, and Processing
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 024001 (5 May 2020)
TOPICS: Indium, Thin films, Crystals, Solar cells, Sulfur, Electron transport, Transparent conductors, Electrodes, Solar energy, Diffraction
Materials and Device Modeling and Simulation
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 024501 (28 April 2020)
TOPICS: Gallium arsenide, Nanoparticles, Graphene, Plasmonics, Absorption, Gold, Solar cells, Metals, Silver, Aluminum
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 024502 (1 May 2020)
TOPICS: Ions, Perovskite, Interfaces, Solar cells, Capacitance, Instrument modeling, Bismuth, Device simulation, Performance modeling, Photovoltaics
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 024503 (18 May 2020)
TOPICS: Molybdenum, Solar thermal energy, Solar energy, Temperature metrology, Quartz, Laser energy, Convection, Pulsed laser operation, Solids, Integrating spheres
Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, and Technologies
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 025501 (14 May 2020)
TOPICS: Nanorods, Solar concentrators, Semiconductors, Solar cells, Absorption, Anisotropy, Sun, Photovoltaics, Gallium arsenide, Luminescence
J. Photon. Energy 10(2), 025502 (15 May 2020)
TOPICS: Nanowires, Thin films, Heterojunctions, Cadmium, Silicon, Silicon films, Semiconductors, Diodes, Thin film devices, Temperature metrology
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