Breakthroughs in Photonics and Energy
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040990 (30 October 2014)
TOPICS: Electrodes, Metals, Optoelectronic devices, Graphene, Organic light emitting diodes, Organic optoelectronics, Resistance, Transparency, Tellurium, Oxides
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040991 (10 September 2014)
TOPICS: Excimers, Organic light emitting diodes, Platinum, External quantum efficiency, Lithium, Quantum efficiency, Energy efficiency, Metals, Light sources and illumination, Doping
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040992 (21 August 2014)
TOPICS: Laser processing, Thin films, Electrodes, Lithium, Silicon, Laser sintering, Oxides, Pulsed laser deposition, Dye sensitized solar cells, Fabrication
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040993 (6 August 2014)
TOPICS: Excitons, Organic light emitting diodes, Energy transfer, External quantum efficiency, Molecules, Energy efficiency, Lutetium, Lens design, Quantum efficiency, Molecular energy transfer
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040994 (25 July 2014)
TOPICS: Heterojunctions, Electrodes, Microscopy, Instrument modeling, In situ metrology, Measurement devices, Solar cells, Aluminum, Photovoltaics, Gold
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040995 (10 July 2014)
TOPICS: Solar concentrators, Fresnel lenses, Photovoltaics, Solar cells, Optical design, Mirrors, Sun, Solar energy, Glasses, Reflectivity
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040996 (27 June 2014)
TOPICS: Glasses, Cadmium, Photovoltaics, Tellurium, Solar cells, Cadmium sulfide, Solar energy, Photoresist materials, Transparent conductors, Quantum efficiency
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040997 (10 June 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Polymers, Annealing, Organic photovoltaics, Fullerenes, Heterojunctions, Crystals, Photovoltaics, Polymer thin films, Temperature metrology
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040998 (10 June 2014)
TOPICS: Polymers, Crystals, Heterojunctions, Fullerenes, Magnesium, Transmission electron microscopy, Excitons, Organic photovoltaics, Solar cells, Atomic force microscopy
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 040999 (7 May 2014)
TOPICS: Excitons, Fullerenes, Absorption, Organic photovoltaics, Solar cells, External quantum efficiency, Interfaces, Doping, Molecules, Physics
Materials Synthesis, Deposition, and Processing
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 041598 (20 June 2014)
TOPICS: Tungsten, Doping, Thin films, Bismuth, Vanadium, Annealing, Thin film deposition, Crystals, Hydrogen, Ultrasonics
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 041599 (28 April 2014)
TOPICS: Zinc oxide, Gallium nitride, Photovoltaics, Light emitting diodes, Zinc, Crystals, Electrons, Heterojunctions, Transmission electron microscopy, Nanowires
Materials and Device Modeling and Simulation
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 042098 (8 October 2014)
TOPICS: Silicon carbide, Solar cells, Silicon, Semiconductors, Solar energy, Sun, Electrons, Absorption, Nickel, Photovoltaics
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 042099 (21 August 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Quantum wells, Absorption, Superlattices, Electrons, Phonons, Doping, Optoelectronic devices, Polarization, Gallium
Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, and Technologies
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043091 (3 September 2014)
TOPICS: Bioalcohols, Dye sensitized solar cells, Absorption, Quantum efficiency, Glasses, Electrodes, Semiconductors, Molecules, Solar cells, Chemistry
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043092 (8 August 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Organic vapor phase deposition, Heterojunctions, Absorption, Excitons, Organic photovoltaics, Molecules, Crystals, Materials processing, Tin
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043093 (18 July 2014)
TOPICS: Zinc, Solar cells, Photovoltaics, Quantum dots, Solar energy, Zinc oxide, Electrons, Adsorption, Ions, Coating
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043094 (26 May 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Silver, Electrodes, Resistance, Temperature metrology, Silicon, Crystals, Semiconducting wafers, Metals, Printing
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043095 (7 May 2014)
TOPICS: Optical filters, Refractive index, Solar cells, Solar concentrators, Gallium arsenide, Photovoltaics, Transmittance, Zemax, Silicon, Collimation
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043096 (23 April 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Indium, External quantum efficiency, Indium gallium nitride, Absorption, Ultraviolet radiation, Gallium nitride, Holmium, Sun, Molybdenum
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043097 (6 March 2014)
TOPICS: Polymers, Solar cells, Transmittance, Raman spectroscopy, Solar energy, Polymer thin films, Atomic force microscopy, Resistance, Coating, Photovoltaics
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043098 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Composites, Quantum efficiency, Zinc, Quantum dots, Potassium, Absorption, Oxides, Semiconductors, Perovskite
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043099 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Zinc oxide, Thin films, Solar cells, Polymers, Absorption, Composites, Energy efficiency, Ions, Surface properties, Thin film coatings
Light-Emitting Materials, Devices, and Technologies
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043595 (24 September 2014)
TOPICS: Cesium, Carbon monoxide, Organic light emitting diodes, Electron transport, Doping, Metals, Electroluminescence, Energy efficiency, Interfaces, Molecules
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043596 (13 May 2014)
TOPICS: Light emitting diodes, YAG lasers, Luminous efficacy, Luminescence, Particles, Temperature metrology, Silicon, Analytical research, Atmospheric particles, Blue light emitting diodes
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043597 (11 April 2014)
TOPICS: Organic light emitting diodes, External quantum efficiency, Platinum, Electroluminescence, Excitons, Energy efficiency, Solid state lighting, Light sources and illumination, Energy transfer, Magnesium
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043598 (11 April 2014)
TOPICS: Organic light emitting diodes, Light sources and illumination, Light emitting diodes, Modulation, Light sources, External quantum efficiency, Excitons, Combustion, LED lighting, Light
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 043599 (3 January 2014)
TOPICS: Organic light emitting diodes, Electroluminescence, Molecules, Chromophores, Luminescence, Double sideband modulation, Bromine, Absorption, Chlorine, Organic semiconductors
Solar Fuel and Solar Hydrogen
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 044099 (19 August 2014)
TOPICS: Semiconductors, Silver, Hydrogen, Zinc, Tin, Solids, Absorption, Cadmium, Hydrogen fuels, Crystals
Light Management
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 044598 (2 October 2014)
TOPICS: Glasses, Refractive index, Thin film solar cells, Picosecond phenomena, Reflection, Light scattering, Absorption, Laser ablation, Solar cells, Transparent conductors
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 044599 (2 April 2014)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Photovoltaics, Integrated optics, Glasses, Micromachining, Solar energy, Prototyping, Waveguides, Reflection, Geometrical optics
Advanced Concepts and Applications
J. Photon. Energy 4(1), 045599 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Silicon carbide, Reflectivity, Ceramics, Optical properties, Solar thermal energy, Temperature metrology, Black bodies, Hafnium, Zirconium, Solar energy
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