Materials Synthesis, Deposition, and Processing
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 044001 (12 October 2018)
TOPICS: Zinc oxide, Nanorods, Solar cells, Copper, Electrodes, Cadmium sulfide, Quantum dots, Thin films, Photovoltaics, Solar energy
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 044002 (17 October 2018)
TOPICS: Molecules, Fluorine, Solar cells, Photovoltaics, Absorption, Electrodes, Solids, Lithium, Analog electronics, Sodium
Materials and Device Modeling and Simulation
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 044501 (31 October 2018)
TOPICS: Solar concentrators, Solar energy, Waveguides, Lens design, Solar cells, Sun, Prisms, Energy efficiency, Micro optics, Reflection
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 044502 (14 November 2018)
TOPICS: Solar cells, Thin film solar cells, Microcrystalline materials, Diffusion, Absorption, Silicon solar cells, Optical lithography, Electrodes, Zinc oxide, Thin films
Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, and Technologies
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 045501 (24 October 2018)
TOPICS: Cadmium sulfide, Perovskite, Solar cells, Solar energy, Photovoltaics, Transmittance, Zinc oxide, Cadmium, Interfaces, Electron transport
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 045502 (27 October 2018)
TOPICS: Absorption, Solar energy, Organic photovoltaics, Photovoltaics, Quantum efficiency, Organic materials, Tin, Excitons, Measurement devices, Energy efficiency
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 045503 (22 December 2018)
TOPICS: Tandem solar cells, Electrodes, Luminescence, Indium gallium phosphide, External quantum efficiency, Palladium, Solar cells, Gallium arsenide, Nanoparticles, Multijunction solar cells
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 045504 (31 December 2018)
TOPICS: Silicon, Indium gallium phosphide, Monte Carlo methods, Solar cells, Solar energy, Resistance, Renewable energy, Tandem solar cells, Photovoltaics, Energy efficiency
Light-Emitting Materials, Devices, and Technologies
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 046001 (5 December 2018)
TOPICS: Glasses, Absorption, Luminescence, Molecules, Dysprosium, Thin films, Solid state physics, Quantum efficiency, Crystals, Quenching (fluorescence)
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 046002 (15 December 2018)
TOPICS: Perovskite, Nanocrystals, Light emitting diodes, Thin films, External quantum efficiency, Absorption, Zinc oxide, Scanning electron microscopy, Electroluminescence, Luminescence
Light Management
J. Photon. Energy 8(4), 047001 (4 October 2018)
TOPICS: Silicon, Doping, Absorption, Nanowires, Solar cells, Finite-difference time-domain method, Particle swarm optimization, Teeth, Solar energy, Light scattering
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