VOL. 5 · NO. 3 | July 2018

Review Papers
Neurophoton. 5(3), 030901 (18 September 2018)
TOPICS: Near infrared spectroscopy, Cerebrovascular diseases, Phase shifts, Brain, Neurophotonics, Analytical research, Arteries, Signal detection, Fourier transforms, Blood
Research Papers
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035001 (12 July 2018)
TOPICS: Prefrontal cortex, Data modeling, Statistical analysis, Neurophotonics, Neurovascular coupling, Blood circulation, Filtering (signal processing), Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Near infrared spectroscopy, Electronic filtering
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035002 (24 July 2018)
TOPICS: Brain, Tissues, Neuroimaging, Tissue optics, Visible radiation, Mouse models, Image segmentation, Alzheimer's disease, Natural surfaces, Image resolution
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035003 (27 July 2018)
TOPICS: Oxygen, Blood circulation, Mercury, Laser speckle contrast imaging, Digital micromirror devices, Phosphorescence, Imaging systems, Speckle, Brain, Veins
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035004 (27 July 2018)
TOPICS: Brain, Head, Near infrared spectroscopy, Neurophotonics, Hemodynamics, Statistical analysis, Positron emission tomography, Sensors, Lithium, Prefrontal cortex
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035005 (17 August 2018)
TOPICS: Brain, Raman spectroscopy, Tissues, Electrodes, Signal detection, Fiber lasers, Tissue optics, Laser systems engineering, Signal generators, Spectroscopy
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035006 (17 August 2018)
TOPICS: Optical fibers, Sensors, Avalanche photodetectors, Signal to noise ratio, CMOS sensors, Computer programming, Imaging systems, Diffuse optical tomography, Neuroimaging, Visualization
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035007 (25 August 2018)
TOPICS: Brain, Luminescence, Photoacoustic tomography, Optical clearing, Neuroimaging, Tissues, Green fluorescent protein, Tissue optics, Transparency, Light scattering
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035008 (5 September 2018)
TOPICS: Hemodynamics, Modulation, Prefrontal cortex, Brain, Near infrared spectroscopy, Eye, Neurophotonics, Statistical analysis, Error analysis, Control systems
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035009 (18 September 2018)
TOPICS: Near infrared spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, Matrices, Control systems, Neurophotonics, Mahalanobis distance, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Prefrontal cortex, Brain, Feedback control
Neurophoton. 5(3), 035010 (13 September 2018)
TOPICS: Sensors, Near infrared spectroscopy, Brain, Head, Computer simulations, Neurophotonics, Neodymium, Signal to noise ratio, Computing systems, Detection and tracking algorithms
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