Editor-in-Chief: Anna Devor, Boston University, USA

Neurophotonics is a Gold Open Access journal covering advances in optical technology applicable to study of the brain and their impact on basic and clinical neuroscience applications.

On the cover: TPM vascular imaging ("High throughput detection of capillary stalling events with Bessel beam two-photon microscopy" by John Giblin et al.)

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Featured Content

Zebrafish brain atlases: a collective effort for a tiny vertebrate brain

Antoine Légaré, Mado Lemieux, Patrick Desrosiers, and Paul De Koninck

Linking brain activity across scales with simultaneous opto- and electrophysiology

Christopher M. Lewis, Adrian Hoffmann, and Fritjof Helmchen

Toward peripheral nerve mechanical characterization using Brillouin imaging spectroscopy

Vsevolod Cheburkanov, Junwei Du, David Brogan, Mikhail Y. Berezin, and Vladislav V. Yakovlev

Addressing annotation and data scarcity when designing machine learning strategies for neurophotonics

Catherine Bouchard, Renaud Bernatchez, and Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal

Light, questions, probes: Valentina Emiliani on combining disciplines for neurophotonics

Amanda Foust

Neurophotonic tools for microscopic measurements and manipulation: status report

Ahmed Abdelfattah, Sapna Ahuja, Taner Akkin, Srinivasa Rao Allu, David A. Boas, Joshua Brake, Erin M. Buckley, Robert E. Campbell, Anderson I. Chen, Xiaojun Cheng, Tomáš Cižmár, Irene Costantini, Massimo De Vittorio, Anna Devor, Patrick Doran, Mirna El Khatib, Valentina Emiliani, Natalie Fomin-Thunemann, Yeshaiahu Fainman, Tomás Fernández Alfonso, Christopher G. L. Ferri, Ariel Gilad, Xue Han, Andrew Harris, Elizabeth M. C. Hillman, Ute Hochgeschwender, Matthew G. Holt, Na Ji, Kivilcim Kiliç, Evelyn Lake, Lei Li, Tianqi Li, Philipp Machler, Rickson C. Mesquita, Evan W. Miller, K.M. Naga Srinivas Nadella, U. Valentin Nägerl, Yusuke Nasu, Axel Nimmerjahn, Petra Ondrácková, Francesco S. Pavone, Citlali Perez Campos, Darcy Peterka, Filippo Pisano, Ferruccio Pisanello, Francesca Puppo, Bernardo L. Sabatini, Sanaz Sadegh, Sava Sakadžic, Shy Shoham, Sanaya N. Shroff, R. Angus Silver, Ruth R. Sims, Spencer LaVere Smith, Vivek J. Srinivasan, Martin Thunemann, Lei Tian, Lin Tian, Thomas Troxler, Antoine Valera, Alipasha Vaziri, Sergei A. Vinogradov, Flavia Vitale, Lihong V. Wang, Hana Uhlirova, Chris Xu, Changhuei Yang, Mu-Han Yang, Gary Yellen, Ofer Yizhar, and Yongxin Zhao


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