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Neurophotonics is an open access journal covering advances in optical technology applicable to study of the brain and their impact on the basic and clinical neuroscience applications.

On the cover: The figure is from the paper "Microglia activation visualization via fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of intrinsically fluorescent metabolic cofactors" by Md Abdul Kader Sagar et al.

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In vivo detection of murine glioblastoma through Raman and reflectance fiber-probe spectroscopies

Enrico Baria et al.

Asymmetric, dynamic adaptation in prefrontal cortex during dichotic listening tasks

Jonathan A. N. Fisher et al.

Understanding the (mouse) brain with neurophotonics

Spencer Smith, David Kleinfeld, João Couto, Ariel Gilad, Xin Yu, Matthew Holt, Li-Huei Tsai, Alba Peinado, Na Ji, Evelyn Lake, Andy Shih, and Ravi L. Rungta - hosted by Anna Devor and presiding moderators Andrea Hasenstaub, Cam Ha Tran, and Michèle Desjardins

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from Neurophotonics

High-sensitivity multispeckle diffuse correlation spectroscopy

Edbert J. Sie, Hui Chen, E-Fann Saung, Ryan Catoen, Tobias Tiecke, Mark A. Chevillet, Francesco Marsili (2020) Open Access

Interpreting in vivo calcium signals from neuronal cell bodies, axons, and dendrites: a review

Farhan Ali, Alex C. Kwan (2019) Open Access

Task-related brain activity and functional connectivity in upper limb dystonia: a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study

Danilo Donizete de Faria, et al. (2020) Open Access

Short-channel regression in functional near-infrared spectroscopy is more effective when considering heterogeneous scalp hemodynamics

Dominik Wyser, Michelle Mattille, Martin Wolf, Olivier Lambercy, Felix Scholkmann, Roger Gassert (2020) Open Access

Quantitative comparison of correction techniques for removing systemic physiological signal in functional near-infrared spectroscopy studies

Hendrik Santosa, Xuetong Zhai, Frank Fishburn, Patrick J. Sparto, Theodore J. Huppert (2020) Open Access

Subcellular resolution three-dimensional light-field imaging with genetically encoded voltage indicators

Peter Quicke, et al. (2020) Open Access

Microglia activation visualization via fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of intrinsically fluorescent metabolic cofactors

Md Abdul Kader Sagar, Jonathan N. Ouellette, Kevin P. Cheng, Justin C. Williams, Jyoti J. Watters, Kevin W. Eliceiri (2020) Open Access

Direct assessment of extracerebral signal contamination on optical measurements of cerebral blood flow, oxygenation, and metabolism

Daniel Milej, Androu Abdalmalak, Ajay Rajaram, Keith St. Lawrence (2020) Open Access

Designing a large field-of-view two-photon microscope using optical invariant analysis

Jonathan R. Bumstead, et al. (2018) Open Access

Polychromatic digital holographic microscopy: a quasicoherent-noise-free imaging technique to explore the connectivity of living neuronal networks

Céline Larivière-Loiselle, Erik Bélanger, Pierre Marquet (2020) Open Access

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