Editor-in-Chief: David A. Boas, Boston University, USA

Neurophotonics is an open access journal covering advances in optical technology applicable to study of the brain and their impact on the basic and clinical neuroscience applications.

On the cover: The figure is from the paper "Horizontal-scanning attenuated total reflection terahertz imaging for biological tissues" by Limin Wu et al., from Vol. 7, Issue 2.

Featured Content

Systematic review of combined functional near-infrared spectroscopy and transcranial direct-current stimulation studies

R. Patel et al.

Frontal cerebral oxygenation asymmetry: intersubject variability and dependence on systemic physiology, season, and time of day

H. Zohdi, F. Scholkmann, and U. Wolf

Cerebral hemodynamic monitoring of Parkinson’s disease patients with orthostatic intolerance during head-up tilt test

J.B. Kim et al.

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from Neurophotonics

Spatiotemporal dynamics of pial collateral blood flow following permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion in a rat model of sensory-based protection: a Doppler optical coherence tomography study

Jiang Zhu, Aneeka M. Hancock, Li Qi, Klaus Telkmann, Babak Shahbaba, Zhongping Chen, Ron D. Frostig (2019) Open Access

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy for intraoperative brain mapping

Tianming Qiu, N. U. Farrukh Hameed, Yuerong Peng, Shuheng Wang, Jinsong Wu, Liangfu Zhou (2019) Open Access

Comparison between transgenic and AAV-PHP.eB-mediated expression of GCaMP6s using in vivo wide-field functional imaging of brain activity

Nicholas J. Michelson, Matthieu P. Vanni, Timothy H. Murphy (2019) Open Access

Interpreting in vivo calcium signals from neuronal cell bodies, axons, and dendrites: a review

Farhan Ali, Alex C. Kwan (2019) Open Access

Mapping cortical network effects of fatigue during a handgrip task by functional near-infrared spectroscopy in physically active and inactive subjects

Elizabeth L. Urquhart, Hashini Wanniarachchi, Xinlong Wang, Hanli Liu, Paul J. Fadel, George Alexandrakis (2019) Open Access

Selective photobiomodulation for emotion regulation: model-based dosimetry study

Paolo Cassano et al. (2019) Open Access

Voltage-gated potassium channels are critical for infrared inhibition of action potentials: an experimental study

Mohit Ganguly et al. (2019) Open Access

Speckle reduction in visible-light optical coherence tomography using scan modulation

Ian Rubinoff et al. (2019) Open Access

Quantitative confocal optical coherence elastography for evaluating biomechanics of optic nerve head using Lamb wave model

Zhaodong Du et al. (2019) Open Access

Quantitative in vivo dual-color bioluminescence imaging in the mouse brain

Markus Aswendt, Stefanie Vogel, Cordula Schäfer, Amit Jathoul, Martin Pule, Mathias Hoehn (2019) Open Access

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