1 October 1974 Thermography: A Screening Method For Breast Cancer?
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One of the ways that the human body maintains constant temperature is by exchange of radiant energy between the skin and objects in the immediate, environment. In 1957, Lawson observed. that cancer can alter the pattern of emission of thermal energy from the female breast.' This observation stimulated a number of studies of thermographic detection of breast cancer and a number of ,publications with contradictory conclusions regarding the effectiveness of thermographic techniques., To some degree, these contradictions probably reflect inadequate experience of persons interpreting, thermographic images, and improper ambient conditions such as asymmetrical air flow during the thermographic examination.
John B. DeVelis, John B. DeVelis, } "Thermography: A Screening Method For Breast Cancer?," Optical Engineering 13(5), 135183 (1 October 1974). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971749 . Submission:

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