1 April 1978 Guest Editorial Laser Engineering
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The August 1977 SPIE Annual Symposium devoted one of its seminars to Laser Engineering. What is laser engineering? To answer that, one must decide what engineering is and how it is distinguished from development or research. Without getting enmeshed in a web of confusing semantics and nuances, one can say without controversy that the term "engineering" is commonly used when there is considerable economic activity in existence or in prospect, and when hardware, structures, or products result. Of course, there can be rather close coupling between engineering and science. The engineering of a new accelerator for basic high energy research or a basic materials research program to obtain improved semiconductor devices are two examples.
Malcolm L. Stitch, Malcolm L. Stitch, } "Guest Editorial Laser Engineering," Optical Engineering 17(2), 172107 (1 April 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972192 . Submission:

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