1 October 1980 Forum and Book Reviews
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Instant High-Speed Motion Analysis System. I don't expect many readers of this column to disagree with my observation that the diffusion-transfer-reversal (DTR) process perfected by Edwin Land in the late 194Os has revolutionized instrumentation "still" photography in the laboratory, plant, and field by virtue of its instant imaging capability. Through simple trial-and-error methods using media based on this technology, scientists and engineers with little or no background or interest in the theory or practice of photography have been able to experiment. more efficiently aud freely in their chosen fields, of research, unhindered by delays and inconveniences associated with conventional wet-procesing methods of photography. In fact, these and ensuing developments in instant imagery have actually conditioned many technical workers - and the general public as - to fully expect to see a recorded image of an experiment within a matter of seconds after it is exposed onto film. Instant photography has become accepted as a way of life!
W. G. Hyzer, W. G. Hyzer, } "Forum and Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 19(5), 195142 (1 October 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972606 . Submission:


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