1 February 1981 Editorial and Book Reviews
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Reviewing the Book Review Books are a primary source of information for working scientists and engineers, so presenting helpful reviews of the latest books in optics and closely related fields has been a primary goal of mine as editor of Optical Engineering. I have sought out the leaders in the field to do the reviews and their efforts have been evident in some excellent reviews. Nevertheless, I see the need, for the sake of completeness and value of the reviews, to list certain things that I as editor would like to see in many book reviews. The following list is incomplete and in no particular order, but I hope reviewers will find it useful.
H. J. Caulfield, H. J. Caulfield, } "Editorial and Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 20(1), 201153 (1 February 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972652 . Submission:

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