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1 October 1982 Interactive Fringe Analysis System: Applications To Moire Contourogram And Interferogram
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A general purpose fringe pattern processing facility was developed in order to analyze moire photographs used for scoliosis diagnoses and interferometric patterns in optical shops. A TV camera reads a fringe profile to be analyzed, and peaks of the fringe are detected by a microcomputer. Fringe peak correction and fringe order determination are performed with the man-machine interactive software developed. A light pen facility and an image digitizer are employed for interaction. In the case of two-dimensional fringe analysis, we analyze independently analysis lines parallel to each other and a reference line perpendicular to the parallel analysis lines. Fringe orders of parallel analysis lines are uniquely determined by using the fringe order of the reference line. Some results of analysis of moire contourograms, interferometric testing of silicon wafers, and holographic measurement of thermal deformation are presented.
T. Yatagai, M. Idesawa, Y. Yamaashi, and M. Suzuki "Interactive Fringe Analysis System: Applications To Moire Contourogram And Interferogram," Optical Engineering 21(5), 215901 (1 October 1982).
Published: 1 October 1982

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