1 October 1982 Editorial and Book Reviews
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I recently corresponded with an author on the topic of originality. Optical Engineering seeks to publish "original papers." Over 90% of the paper submitted to us was taken verbatim from a prior paper by the same author (a discovery by a referee that was not volunteered by the author). The author says he thought he had exceeded some threshold of originality. This raises, in a somewhat exaggerated manner, a more general question of what constitutes your editor's definition of an original paper. Unfortunately, I can offer no clear definition. Thus I must ramble through some special cases hoping that my readers can sense the pattern and spirit of my decisions on this matter.
H. J. Caulfield, "Editorial and Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 21(5), 215957 (1 October 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972984 . Submission:

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