1 October 1982 Editorial and Book Reviews
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I recently corresponded with an author on the topic of originality. Optical Engineering seeks to publish "original papers." Over 90% of the paper submitted to us was taken verbatim from a prior paper by the same author (a discovery by a referee that was not volunteered by the author). The author says he thought he had exceeded some threshold of originality. This raises, in a somewhat exaggerated manner, a more general question of what constitutes your editor's definition of an original paper. Unfortunately, I can offer no clear definition. Thus I must ramble through some special cases hoping that my readers can sense the pattern and spirit of my decisions on this matter.
H. J. Caulfield, H. J. Caulfield, } "Editorial and Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 21(5), 215957 (1 October 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972984 . Submission:


About diffusers and their importance in diffractive optics
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