1 April 1983 Editorials, Forum and Book Reviews
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It is with some trepidation that I undertake the use of the editorial as a means to express something of my individual approach to doing science. I will share the blame for my decision to "go public" with these thoughts with some outstanding researchers around the world who have urged me to do so. In addition, I will make this space available to credible scientists who wish to express other approaches. Part of the joy and charm of science is that, as a human activity, it is a highly individualized affair. All contributors with long careers develop a style of thinking that is unique and readily recognizable by their colleagues. I feel certain I could recognize the author of a paper by one of the "old timers" in my field without reading his or her name. Thus, rny remarks are of a personal nature and may not be useful to most readers. With all of these caveats expressed, I will delay no longer.
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