1 May 1986 Special Issues: The Backbone Of Optical Engineering
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For many years now, virtually every issue of Optical Engineering has been a "special issue," an issue in which a majority of the papers have been devoted to one or two "special" topics related to the field of optical engineering. Although some minor changes have been instituted in this regard, these special issues will continue to be the backbone of the journal for some time to come. Our current plan is to have ten special issues every year, each containing about ten papers related to the special topic, with about ten additional contributed papers on various other topics included in each journal. The remaining two issues, which will be the June and December issues beginning in 1987, will be reserved exclusively for contributed papers and will have about twenty papers each. Consequently, we anticipate that approximately 100 papers related to special topics and 140 contributed papers will be published in Optical Engineering each year.
Jack D. Gaskill, Jack D. Gaskill, "Special Issues: The Backbone Of Optical Engineering," Optical Engineering 25(5), 258150 (1 May 1986). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7973870 . Submission:

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