1 October 1987 More on Author Sequence
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In my editorial published in the May 1987 issue of Optical Engineering, I addressed a question that had been posed by Adolf Lohmann regarding the appropriate sequence for listing authors' names on multiple-author technical publications. Adolf indicated that authors' names are listed in alphabetical order at his institute but wondered how the sequence was determined elsewhere. There have been several responses to that editorial, most of which have tended to agree with the opinion I expressed therein: if the contributions of one of the authors are substantially greater than the contributions of the others, that author's name should be listed first, followed by the names of the remaining authors in alphabetical order.
Jack D. Gaskill, Jack D. Gaskill, } "More on Author Sequence," Optical Engineering 26(10), 261084 (1 October 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974180 . Submission:

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