1 February 1987 Book Reviews
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This is another useful book in the Springer Series in Optical Sciences. It contains discussions of grating formation and detection, the phenomena that can be probed with grating techniques, and a large number of applications such as real-time holography, phase conjugation, and four-wave mixing. As is often the case with multiple-author books, some subjects are treated more than once, style and notation vary from section to section*there is a useful symbol index, however, so that multiple use of the same symbol is not especially confusing), and the authors' specialties receive more comprehensive treatment than some other subjects.
Joseph L. Horner, Joseph L. Horner, "Book Reviews," Optical Engineering 26(2), 262182 (1 February 1987). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7974046 . Submission:

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