1 January 2010 Errata: Low power 2x2 thermo-optic polymer waveguide switch
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This PDF file contains the errata for “OE Vol. 49 Issue 01 Paper OE ERR-JAN2010-1” for OE Vol. 49 Issue 01

This article [Opt. Eng. 48, 124601 (2009)] was originally published on 21 December 2009 with an error in Fig. 3. The correct image appears here.

Fig. 3

Optical field distribution calculated using 3-D-BPM: (a) cross state when no power is applied on the switch and (b) bar state when the switch is driven by appropriate power.


The corrected manuscript was published online 28 December 2009, but Fig. 1 was incorrectly placed on page 9 of the manuscript. All versions of the article were corrected on 13 January 2010 and the article appears correctly in print.

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Lei Gao, Lei Gao, Yunfei Yan, Yunfei Yan, Xiaoqiang Sun, Xiaoqiang Sun, Caiping Kang, Caiping Kang, Jie Sun, Jie Sun, Fei Wang, Fei Wang, Da-Ming Zhang, Da-Ming Zhang, } "Errata: Low power 2x2 thermo-optic polymer waveguide switch," Optical Engineering 49(1), 019801 (1 January 2010). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.3314079 . Submission:

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