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1 February 2010 Errata: Effect of face separation in corner-cube reflectors
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This article [Opt. Eng. 48(12), 123003 (December 2009)] was originally published on 22 December 2009 with a few minor errors.

  • 1. In the caption to Fig. 1:

    • a. The word “retroreflected” was misspelled as “retroreected”.

    • b. n̂i , which is a unit vector, was missing the hat symbol (it was incorrectly written as ni ).

    • c. Finally, there should be a space between the word “simply” and “ n̂i ”.

      For clarity, the complete correct caption to Fig. 1 is “Fig. 1 Schematic of a retroreflector (a) without and (b) with gaps between the faces. The angles θ and ϕ denote the direction, n̂i , of incidence of the interrogating ray and the v-axis in the optical coordinate system. The direction of the retroreflected ray, n̂o , is simply n̂i . The three vectors n̂i , n̂o , and v̂ are parallel to each other.”

  • 2. In the caption to Fig. 2, the variable ARR|eff was incorrectly written as APR,eff .

  • 3. In the caption to Fig. 7, the variable ARR|effo was incorrectly written as ARR,eff .

All versions of the article were corrected on 31 December 2009 and the article appears correctly in print.

©(2010) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Rohit Nair and Keith W. Goossen "Errata: Effect of face separation in corner-cube reflectors," Optical Engineering 49(2), 029801 (1 February 2010).
Published: 1 February 2010


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