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14 June 2012 Developing a new hyperspectral imaging interferometer for earth observation
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The Aerospace Leap-frog Imaging Stationary interferometer for Earth Observation (ALISEO) is a hyperspectral imaging interferometer for Earth remote sensing. The instrument belongs to the class of Sagnac stationary interferometers and acquires the image of the target superimposed to the pattern of autocorrelation functions of the electromagnetic field coming from each pixel. The ALISEO sensor together with the data processing algorithms that retrieve the at-sensor spectral radiance are discussed. A model describing the instrument OPD and interferogram center is also discussed, improving the procedures for phase retrieval and spectral estimation. Images acquired by ALISEO are shown, and examples of retrieved reflectance spectra are presented.
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Alessandro Barducci, Francesco Castagnoli, Guido Castellini, Donatella Guzzi, Cinzia Lastri, Paolo Marcoionni, Vanni Nardino, and Ivan Pippi "Developing a new hyperspectral imaging interferometer for earth observation," Optical Engineering 51(11), 111706 (14 June 2012).
Published: 14 June 2012

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