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3 April 2013 Temperature field reconstruction of combustion flame based on high dynamic range images
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We present a novel solution to accurately recover three-dimensional dynamic flame temperature field. Traditional flame temperature field reconstruction schemes take flame images with general industrial cameras and reconstruct flame temperature field under the assumption that the cameras can capture the full spectrum. However, the dynamic range of the general industrial camera is more restricted than that of the light from flame and camera response band is much narrower compared with the full spectrum. In this paper, we use high dynamic range to take flame images and reconstruct the flame radiant existence field on camera response band. Temperature field is calculated from radiant existence field via lookup table between them. Experimental results on real flame demonstrate that our approach is accurate and easy to implement. The rendering results of the flame-based temperature field accord with physical facts.
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Xueguang Wang, Zhaohui Wu, Zhong Zhou, Yupeng Wang, and Wei Wu "Temperature field reconstruction of combustion flame based on high dynamic range images," Optical Engineering 52(4), 043601 (3 April 2013).
Published: 3 April 2013


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