24 January 2014 Errata: Reanalysis of turbulence effects on short-exposure passive imaging
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This article [Opt. Eng.. 50, (1 ), 016001 (2011)] was originally published on 6 January 2011 with errors in Eqs. (51) to (57). They are corrected below.

This article [Opt. Eng. 50(1), 016001 (2011)] was originally published on 6 January 2011 with errors in Eqs. (51) to (57). They are corrected below.

The approximation written in Eq. (51) should have included an ω2 dependence inside the exponential:



The expression for A in Eq. (54) should have been written using the limits



The negative sign in Eq. (56) should have been inside the exponent:



A factor of 2π was missing from Eq. (57):



The use of V(Q,X) was based on the approximation of Eq. (51) where the primary ω dependence was quadratic. The function was evaluated at the -3dB point of the MS(ω) curve that yielded V>1 under certain conditions. This was incorrectly interpreted as super-resolution behavior. Further research indicates the approximation expression improves performance at low to moderate frequencies but overestimates responses at high frequencies at moderate turbulence levels. In general V is a moderate function of ω, V(Q,X,ω), that falls below unity at high frequencies ω in such a way that diffraction limits are maintained. Enhanced responses (V>1) often appear for Q>1 and ω1/3.

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David H. Tofsted, David H. Tofsted, } "Errata: Reanalysis of turbulence effects on short-exposure passive imaging," Optical Engineering 53(1), 019801 (24 January 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.53.1.019801 . Submission:


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