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21 July 2015 Acousto-optic fiber interferometer based on concatenated flexural wave modulation
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An acousto-optic fiber interferometer has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated by employing two MgF2 sandwiches to implement concatenated flexural acoustic wave modulation onto single-mode optical fibers. The transmission spectrum of the acoustic grating pair has been experimentally investigated. Experimental results indicate that interferometric spectral fringes possess a frequency sensitivity as large as −499.0  nm/MHz due to the Mach–Zehnder interference. Moreover, the applied radio frequency signal voltage for flexural wave generation has a great impact on the transmission spectral properties. The work presented would be of importance for the understanding of the acousto-optic interaction mechanism in concatenated acoustic fiber gratings and is helpful for the design of related acousto-optic fiber devices.
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Shouxin Kang, Hao Zhang, Bo Liu, Ning Zhang, and Yinping Miao "Acousto-optic fiber interferometer based on concatenated flexural wave modulation," Optical Engineering 54(7), 076106 (21 July 2015).
Published: 21 July 2015

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