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27 October 2016 Enhanced intercarrier interference mitigation based on encoded bit-sequence distribution inside optical superchannels
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In the context of gridless optical multicarrier systems, we propose a method for intercarrier interference (ICI) mitigation which allows bit error correction in scenarios of nonspectral flatness between the subcarriers composing the multicarrier system and sub-Nyquist carrier spacing. We propose a hybrid ICI mitigation technique which exploits the advantages of signal equalization at both levels: the physical level for any digital and analog pulse shaping, and the bit-data level and its ability to incorporate advanced correcting codes. The concatenation of these two complementary techniques consists of a nondata-aided equalizer applied to each optical subcarrier, and a hard-decision forward error correction applied to the sequence of bits distributed along the optical subcarriers regardless of prior subchannel quality assessment as performed in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing modulations for the implementation of the bit-loading technique. The impact of the ICI is systematically evaluated in terms of bit-error-rate as a function of the carrier frequency spacing and the roll-off factor of the digital pulse-shaping filter for a simulated 3×32-Gbaud single-polarization quadrature phase shift keying Nyquist-wavelength division multiplexing system. After the ICI mitigation, a back-to-back error-free decoding was obtained for sub-Nyquist carrier spacings of 28.5 and 30 GHz and roll-off values of 0.1 and 0.4, respectively.
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Jhon James Granada Granada Torres, Ana María Cárdenas Soto, and Neil Guerrero González "Enhanced intercarrier interference mitigation based on encoded bit-sequence distribution inside optical superchannels," Optical Engineering 55(10), 106124 (27 October 2016).
Published: 27 October 2016

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