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23 March 2017 Plasmonic hydrogen sensor based on integrated microring resonator
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We have proposed and demonstrated numerically an ultrasmall and highly sensitive plasmonic hydrogen sensor based on an integrated microring resonator, with a footprint size as small as 4×4  μm2. With a palladium (Pd) or platinum (Pt) hydrogen-sensitive layer coated on the inner surface of the microring resonator and the excitation of surface plasmon modes at the interface from the microring resonator waveguide, the device is highly sensitive to low hydrogen concentration variation, and the sensitivity is at least one order of magnitude larger than that of the optical fiber-based hydrogen sensor. We have also investigated the tradeoff between the portion coverage of the Pd/Pt layer and the sensitivity, as well as the width of the hydrogen-sensitive layer. This ultrasmall plasmonic hydrogen sensor holds promise for the realization of a highly compact sensor with integration capability for applications in hydrogen fuel economy.
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Ya Sha Yi and Da Chuan Wu "Plasmonic hydrogen sensor based on integrated microring resonator," Optical Engineering 56(12), 121904 (23 March 2017).
Received: 1 December 2016; Accepted: 10 March 2017; Published: 23 March 2017

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