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15 June 2017 One-shot shape measurement of small objects with a pulsed laser and modulation of polarization
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We present an alternative shape measurement setup based on a one-shot phase-shifting method employing the modulation of polarization and phase grating interferometry. The setup implementation was carried out with a Mach–Zehnder interferometric arrangement and a synchronized system of a pulsed laser and a fast camera. Under the proposed configuration, a test object is illuminated by two beams of circularly polarized light oppositely rotating, coming from the interferometric arrangement. The reflected light is then conduced to a phase grating interferometry system to generate several phase-shifted fringe patterns in one-shot. To show the feasibility of our proposal, we present some experimental results of a retrieved wrapped phase of a test object and analyzed it using a quality-guide phase unwrapping algorithm to obtain the continuous phase.
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Anmi García-Arellano, William Cruz-Santos, Guadalupe García-Arellano, and Juvenal Rueda-Paz "One-shot shape measurement of small objects with a pulsed laser and modulation of polarization," Optical Engineering 56(6), 064102 (15 June 2017).
Received: 17 February 2017; Accepted: 30 May 2017; Published: 15 June 2017

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